Thursday, August 13, 2009


Don’t be afraid to make honest mistakes. So you think that the world will stop on its tracks because you bungled up? Or that your friends will think you stupid or a loser? Or that you will disappoint dozens of relatives and other people who think so highly of you and your talent? Excuse me, but I remember when I was burning over some mistakes, my mom simply said to me that --

"...the best lessons come wrapped in blunders, mistakes, failures, and errors. Because only then will you be able to smooth the rough edges of your character, hone your talents to perfection, and grow into the person you were meant to be --in God’s blueprint of your life."

Thus how then can I, or anyone for that matter, ever become this entire gorgeous package if not through the fire of disappointment, failure, and mistakes?! But she too warned me that it was going to hurt. I then countered -- "Oh okay, but isn’t the sun better and brighter after the rain? Don't rainbows too appear after? I'll set my eyes on that." And she gave me her brightest smile.

Be gentle to yourself. Don’t be quick to blame yourself when things go wrong in your life. Don’t bash yourself so hard believing that you did so badly and you deserve to be thrown into the fire and be devoured by the flames! Dump that attitude. I don’t buy that.

Just because you made a mistake, does not make you a mistake. If you fail in one area of your life --- you still have the rest to shine in! Besides it’s not all your fault because bad situations do come to people, jerks may cross your path, and other people’s bad decisions could affect yours. So why blame it all on yourself? Does that make sense now? Be good to yourself – you’re much better than you give yourself credit for!


  1. Salute to your Mom Ellen

    Thanks for sharing this.!

    This is definitely a take home for me..Embrace your mistakes and grow from them..
    **you still have the rest to shine in!

    This line says everything ..:)

    Have a good day.


  2. Hi Vyshu,

    So glad to see you this fine morning. Thank you for your lovely and heartwarming message.

    You write poems in your blog. Saw the new one -- it's a sweet expression of love. It would nudge a memory or two from anyone reading it.

    Hope you have a blessed day.
    May God bless you and your family.

  3. Hai Ellen,

    **Don’t be quick to blame yourself when things go wrong in your life

    It caught my eye and my thoughts for a while..and yes, i will follow it from now onwards.. Thanks for this pleasure.

    And ur mom's words are aresome..she is grt...:)

    Keep expressing ellen, ur writings give me a definet scope to improve my thoughts..:)

    have a great time..

  4. Hi Elen,
    I agree with your mother. The conquest of fear of mistake is a conquest that takes one very far, so I believe. I become fearful when I think I can't afford to make mistakes.

    Gandiji said freedom without the freedom to make mistakes is incomplete.

  5. what you said is so true but at times it becomes very difficult for one to not consider oneself as a mistake when he/she makes a mistake esp. if other people start treating him/her rather harshly!!

  6. Hello Pramoda,

    I always look forward to talking with you here. You see, in your own individual way, you nudge me to think on things I have not paid much attention to. So I learn from you too through your blog.

    Will be keeping in touch, that's for sure. Take care. God bless you and your family.

  7. Hi Indrasish,

    Beautiful words indeed >> ".. freedom without the freedom to make mistakes is incomplete." Thanks for sharing this. I like it.

    How's your day getting along? I hope it's giving you wonderful surprises and good cheer. Take care and God bless.

  8. Dear Sapphire,

    I know what you mean. We all know that life is full of both good and bad. Those kind of people you've mentioned are the sour grapes in our midst. You can easily see through that facade of harshness or false 'bravado'; it's just a show of their insecurities for having not fulfilled their own dreams, for having failed in theirs. Actually it is simply a case of deep set envy or jealousy or emotional unrest. Don't let them deter you. Pay no heed to them. Because they alone will suffer their own reward according to the 'kind of seeds they have planted'. --- 'Whatsoever a man sows, so shall he reap.'

    Yours is a just reward for a job well done, for being strong through the fire, for standing firm in your beliefs, for believing in yourself, for keeping the faith. Carry on for even now you are already a winner!

    Blessings to you and your family.

  9. Ellen,

    A couple of days delay and look how much I lagged behind. Read 4 posts now. Nurture - very true. A kind word or encouraging pat on back works wonders rather than forcing someone to do what is needed. Clutter - Again on the mark. How often do we read unnecessarily between the lines and clutter our mind with unwanted issues. We need to have more open mind. Reinvent - Absolutely true. After we have had our education it is upto us what to become. Education gives us options but it is we and only we who have to mould ourselves for our goal. Mistakes - No words to describe what I feel. We all make mistakes some time or the other in our life, why not only once but often. We should learn from our mistakes and if we repeat them then we are fools. As a matter of fact some lessons can be drawn from mistakes made by others and we should not follow them.

    Take care

  10. amazing blog ellen.. just amazing!!

    I just hope everyone understands this... I have been on the receiving end because since most people dont understand that most of the times its the situation which isnt right... not the person!!


    thanks a ton.

  11. Hi Jack,

    Ah love it when you come. :-) There is so much I can learn from your messages. It's always a great pleasure to be acquainted with your insights on life and living.

    Thank you for this privilege and pleasure. Blessings to you and your family.

  12. Hi Rup,

    So delighted to see you here. :-) Thank you for such a lovely message. 'Have gone to your blog just awhile ago and left message there. Take care please. Blessings to you and your family.

  13. HI Ellen,

    A wonderful post again!

  14. Hi Pearl,

    Heyyy you really are cruising down the posts! :-) You know what, you remind of LP53 of o3.indiatimes. He did a similar thing with my blog there. lol! It's good to see you again indeed. Wish you a blessed day.


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