Monday, May 24, 2010


The world in truth and fact is a miserable place. It holds so much of stuff we don’t really want and yet are because somebody up there thinks we need to be better functioning creatures of this planet called earth. I won’t argue that because I agree. It’s a long tedious process of becoming worthy of life in the here and now.. and of what’s coming when we move on to the next realm. Wherever that is. Meantime, what are we doing with the world and with ourselves as the process carries us along? I can tick off a long list of gloom and misery we have given the world and given ourselves, but you wouldn’t want to hear about something that which you already know or have on your list too.

Well, some people call it crosses, others consider it burdens, a good number call it challenges. If we are to look at it as something which lies heavy on our backs and carry wherever we go like it or not… for some reason partly our mistake and often beyond our control….then maybe we should call it a cross. A parallel view would be the cross on the shoulders of the Galilean who carried it to his death on Golgotha. But am not going there, we’re not talking about religion here. But I will write about crosses.

Like we all do know life is definitely not a bed of roses. Whoever says it is must be looking the other way or is related to Annie of the Broadway play but which, incidentally, is a play I adore. Good songs in there. But factually the Annie’s of the world are far and few. And some have moved on to be saints.

Anyway personal crosses are so much more deep profound and difficult. Maybe it’s because you have no help in dealing with it. Unlike if you were the head of a nation and you got dozens of people around you who you could send out to the field to kill the enemy. But that doesn’t always solve the problem. We know that because history tells us so. People’s crosses come in different sizes, shapes, weight, intensity, and diversity… visible and invisible. We see people struggling with their jobs, families, health, relationships, worship, leadership, communications, inventions, and we understand truly sympathizing and feeling compassion or connection with them. After all we all stand connected and are visibly the same in such things and perhaps even more.

But yes there's more. Can we.....

-- see truly what goes on inside a person suffering his cross
-- see the pain grief or sorrow buried hidden inside
-- understand how it is to keep hope alive in the midst of hopelessness
-- grasp his feelings of inadequacy or insecurity that despite his enormous talent others are getting recognition for a much inferior job
-- feel the torment suffered in silence by a person bound to a wheelchair
-- truly understand broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken lives languishing within
-- and so much more.

The invisible crosses they carry on their frail and burdened shoulders are twice heavier because they carry it alone. No we don’t see that plastered all over their faces – advertised in big bold letters, no we don’t. We won’t see it, maybe because they are so good at putting up the brave face of courage hope and faith. Funny but they never seem to give up. You know sometimes the crosses that people bear are seldom in plain sight. Sometimes ...we can't even tell just by looking at them.

And you know what.. they mirror us. We have our crosses too both visible and invisible. We all do. But we never should give up too. Maybe..... "The sun will come out tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow --- there'll be sun...." (Annie)


  1. Everyone has his/her cross,big or small.How they carry is all that matters.Ellen in her delectable manner has explained the inevitabilty of carrying the burden and the need for a resolve not only not to give up the fight but carry the cross without a visible frown.
    A beautiful post

  2. Ellen,

    Read 2 posts now.

    It is true that each one of us has so much in our Attic of Mind. Try as we may, we can not rid of all unwanted stored items. We may be able to hide those under some better ones. I try to divert my mind from unhappy thoughts of past to happier ones by making a concerted effort.

    We all have our crosses. It is upto us how best we carry them to reach our destination. It is our moral duty as human being to see how best we can help someone bear his or her even without being asked. That way we will gain strength to carry ours without much trouble.

    Take care

  3. life can be really hard...I love how you ended this with the song from Annie..

  4. Hi KP,

    We should be saying this to ourselves dozens of times over :-) ---- "....the inevitabilty of carrying the burden and the need for a resolve not only not to give up the fight but carry the cross without a visible frown."

    Thanks for dropping by. Good luck on your planned trip by the end of the month. Be safe. God bless you and your family.

  5. Hi Jack,

    God never said that life would be easy for us. But He equipped us with everything we may need to give life our best shot. It's all up therefore to us to see that those things are, within and without.

    Thanks for your lovely visit. And too for sharing your insights on the subject. Blessings to you and your family.

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Love your blog "Writing" which expresses so well our human imperfections. But which by the strength of a loving God we learn to overcome. Lest we forget, it's not our effort nor our work but.. His work in us that makes that possible.

    May God's loving arms wrap around you in peace, comfort, love, and joy. Thanks for coming by. Have a blessed day!

  7. My dad always use to say "We bear thousands of miseries just for one happiness" and I know he was right.

    He also use to tell me that "It's only human that can laugh and no other species can... Yes, they can cry but you won't see them laughing. So one must appreciate that gift of laughing and laugh all the time.

    Sun would rise soon !!

  8. Hi Aby,

    Your dad taught you well with this -- "...So one must appreciate that gift of laughing and laugh all the time." He must be such a wonderful father armed with wisdom pointing you to the things of life that truly matter.

    You are so blessed. :-)


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