Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's DO or DO NOT

Have you been through this situation -- when you come up to something so hugely confusing and mind boggling that it leaves you stunned not knowing what to do. Then suddenly something kicks you from behind and makes you say ‘Okay I’m going to DO this. No wait, I should NOT do that!’ Well, I hope that you stood your ground whatever it was you chose. You can’t backtrack if you chose the wrong one. But then as the old folks would say -- ‘one step backward for two steps forward’ – have hope.

Anyway, let’s look at these things which I have had the wonderful privilege to, see, hear, or observe. It’s also about ‘doing’ and ‘not doing’ something.

- Do make up your bed before going down to breakfast. Do not expect your mother to pick up after you every time.

- Do put on your cheeriest smile before coming into the office. Do not bring your problems to the office or vice versa. Leave problems behind.

- Do give your seat to the elderly or the handicapped on the bus. Do not expect courtesy when you don’t know how to give one yourself. Remember that people around you mirror you, good or bad.

- Do stop awhile to smell the roses. Do not ignore Mother Nature’s display of awesome beauty meant for your pleasure and enjoyment.

- Do give your job the best you’ve got. Do not regard work as the only thing there is in life. You simply are half alive if you do.

- Do humbly think of yourself as God’s special creation. Do not regard yourself as so special that anything or nobody else matters. Not even God. Because people know that isn’t true.

- Do respect all people regardless. Do not believe that your color, education, riches, talents, culture, or religion is the best. It’s what you are and not what you have or born with that people acknowledge and respect and admire.

- Do be honest, truthful, and sincere in your dealings with everyone. Do not make the other person look bad or make him feel inadequate or lead him to hate himself. How would you feel if you were in his shoes?

- Do stick to your values. Do not follow the fad or trend just to be in with the popular crowd. It’s the good man who’ll be the last man standing when everyone else have fallen to the ground.

- Do live in the present. Do not heap on all your hopes and dreams in your tomorrows. You can also do them today.

There you go. There's more of course. Say maybe you can add up with some yourself. But I have to end up here for now because I see a lovely morning outside my window and I sure would love a piece of that sunshine and that gorgeous breeze. See yah! :-)


  1. Good afternoon Ellen;

    am the first here this time and what a very worthy post you made, such things or values to live each day of our lives...:)

    if this could reach anyone and not just a few, this world would be a better place to live in...:)

    i really love it Ellen...:)

    good evening...:)

    God Bless you and your family...:)

  2. A nice post.I will add the following that I saw somewhere.

    Be generous to those who need your help
    Be frugal with what you need yourself.
    Be willng to share your joys.
    Be willing to share the sorrows of others.
    Be strong enough to face the world.
    Be weak enough to know your limitations

  3. HI Ellen,

    Thank You soo much for the wonderful words, i take them as suggestions..

    Yeah..especially i loved the second one alottt...:) At present i need it alott..:) Thank youu soo much ..:)

  4. Hi Amity,

    Now, now, you are making quite a record for yourself in my blog. Lols! But I love it. :-)

    Wow! that's a lovely message you wrote. Warms the heart. Thank you so much.

    Take care always pls.
    God bless you and everyone in your home.

  5. Hi KP,

    Ah wisdom to the core. Precious! Thank you so much for sharing it here. Am honored and delighted. :-)

    Hope the day went well. May blessings pour out abundantly upon you and your family.

  6. Oh dear Prams,

    Whatever concerns you may or may not be having now but which seem to steal your joy, please know that they will be taken up in prayer. Now don't worry your pretty little head. And get that smile and cheer back up on your pretty face, okay? You'll be fine. :-)

    Take care pls. God bless you.


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