Monday, November 23, 2009


Many think that by working on a fast or faster pace one gets there quicker whatever it is one is doing or wherever it is one is going. Well, not all the time. Faster doesn’t always mean it’s done or that it’s good or that it’s worthy. Besides we know that quantity is not entirely synonymous with quality except when automated or mechanized. That’s a whole different story.

There was this young person I remember a couple of years back. He was smart, ambitious, an achiever, limitless energy, and aiming for the stars like all young people his age. Everybody expected him to one day join the ranks of the brightest stars in the corporate firmament.

A dream he chased and couldn’t wait to get there pronto. So he did all that was required and more – took on projects here and there although deadlines came close and tight. Neither did he refuse more assignments not wanting to risk his superior’s displeasure. That virtually didn’t help with the quality of his work in the long run. To make a long story short, all that hurry and haste cost him a heavy price – he got sick. Including the fact that he almost lost the people he loved dearly in his life with neglect. The rest of the story is everybody’s good guess.

That’s sad, isn’t it? --All that work gone to waste and the man himself – wasted.

Well, there’s a better way to get there where you want to go. Try slowing down. It can’t hurt you if slowing down means getting the chance to review, alter, or change plans, recharge or energize, evaluate progress or its absence, rethink strategies, get rid of an obstruction or irritant, or simply to breathe. It’s not a crime to do all that.

In fact --- “Sometimes to gain ground, you have to slow down.”


  1. Ellen,

    One needs to pace himself or herself keeping overall view of deadlines, own health, needs of family and last but not the least quality of output. That will depend from individual to individual. What is more important is that be ambitious but not OVER-AMBITIOUS.

    Take care

  2. Hi Elen,
    Yes, I agree, but nowadays 'pace' has been placed on the pulpit of virtue and anything that's slow is inexcusible. I think there is nothing wrong with being slow because slow also means being careful. You should chock out a plan and go by the plan.

  3. Hello Jack,

    You hit it right on the head with this -- "...One needs to pace himself or herself keeping overall view of deadlines, own health, needs of family and last but not the least quality of output..." :-) Slow down does mean to pace yourself and to take honest stack of things in your life. Everybody's rushing hurrying chasing after something or another; they no longer know what 'slow down' means. They don't know when or how to apply the brakes. Or why.

    Thanks, Jack. Love it when you come over with your comments. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Hi Indra,

    '..anything slow is inexcusable..' That's an interesting point of view. As a smart young man on the go, you very well know what you mean. And that is good too.

    As life carries people on further and experiences gather, the individual will get to know what 'slow down' means. All in good time :-) There's a long stretch yet ahead for the young to journey and positively the lessons will be there for the learning. :-) Wisdom tells us to learn and learn well.

    I appreciate your insights and perceptions, Indra. Cos it's admirable to come across a person who thinks from his head, not from his mouth. lols!

    Thanks for this lovely visit.
    God bless you and your family.


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