Friday, November 20, 2009


This time allow me to quote Lucille, a dear friend (not her real name). We got to chatting on the phone one afternoon and talked about the latest events in our respective lives and stuff that would delight any woman’s heart. Then the chat shifted to a monologue. It seemed that she was talking more to herself than she was talking to me but it was okay. I think she needed that moment. I’m bringing Lucille’s monologue here in the blog because I felt that there's so much in it we could learn from. Oh don’t worry because she gave permission but of course not with her real name.



“Whenever I look back to a certain point in my life, I see how Time had figured in my journey. Honestly, even if time were mine it seemed to belong to somebody else -- somebody who dictated how I should spend it or not spend it. Things happened but which didn’t come from my hand or mind or heart. How that came to be I don’t know. It was just there like somebody turning the pages of my book on a fast and faster clip. I felt that I had no control -- simply lost it. But as a dutiful girl would I went through everything that needed to be done, not because I wanted to but because it had to be done. Because If I didn’t, who would?

Then it stopped. Maybe God was saying ‘Enough!’ and restored to me what was and should be entirely mine. Precious time may have been lost but certainly not everything. If I may be allowed to say so, bad times made me who I am today..along with the good times no matter how few they may have been. Have learned my lessons and I hope well enough to have come out so much better than when I started. And if that’s any indication, that can only mean that Life has taught me well. Thank God.

Now I’ve got Time back in my own hands and I’m working it according to ME. I do what I love ----

-sit and gaze at the sunset for hours until it disappears in the horizon,

-or pick my own friends no matter if they dress crazy or talk stupid yet have such good hearts,

-or wake up late and, if still inclined, go back and snuggle in bed lazily,

-or firmly say ‘no’ when I honestly feel that I should - without the guilt,

-or speak my mind when my feelings are hurt and expect to be listened to,

-or make mistakes without the fear of somebody else's displeasure.

I am finally ME and not someone others want me to be… and my time is mine. I’ll spend it the way I want it spent and won’t let anyone spend it for me. Not for any reason at all. No more, not ever. Thank God!”

"Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have,and only you can determine how it will be spent.Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you." -- Carl Sandburg


  1. HI Ellen
    a very insightful monologue. totally agree with the face that 2/3rds of the time, we are not in complete control of time. The time is a race of pursuing that goal, pursuing that happiness, all through our lives its a pursuit of something or the other.
    But there are times, when like when i get a long break from my hectic work schedule, i have all the time in my hand. Its my time, but i am clueless at times, how to bert utilize it. That guilt factor comes into play with a constant nagging at the back of my head that m i making the best use of time? am i not wasting time?

    a friend of mine once told me that we have lost the 'art of doing nothing'. I really believe in that maxim most of the time when i am doing nothing.

    Take care

  2. TD! what a wonderful surprise! :-) I'm delighted to see you again. Have gone to your blog a few minutes ago and too left message there. Thank you for your wisdom and insight on the piece. You are right. :-)

    Hope you'll come again soon.
    Take care too. God bless you.

  3. i am glad ur friend realized before its too late. Sometimes, life passes off and many dont realise until all they have left is time....i am sure shes blessed to realise something all by herself when she can still make use of the time in hand ...wish ur friend all the luck in the world!!

  4. Hi Rush,

    I am sure she will be delighted to know of your good wishes. Thank you, in her behalf. :-)

    Wish for you today tons of blessings. May it bring you sunny smiles in your heart too. :-) Thanks for this lovely visit.

  5. Hi Ellen,

    it's always significant 'to be me' and not other people's blunder, concern or burden!

    i love solitude Ellen, it makes me relax and think about myself how i've been for the day or the week!

    have a beautiful Sunday!

    God bless you and your family!

  6. Hi Ellen! This is another beautiful entry. And yes, sometimes it seems that time owns us instead of the other way around. That's why I never forget to spend a few moments with myself alone and I call that "Me Time". :)

  7. Hi Amity,

    Wise words indeed! - "'s always significant 'to be me' and not other people's blunder, concern or burden!"

    Yes, you are right about solitude too. It's a nice place to be reflecting on the day's good and bad ..and how one has fared with it. So much wisdom and learning to be gained from it.

    :-) Blessings back at you and your family too.

  8. Hi Kikit,

    'me time' -- is a wonderful concept. We all do need some alone time once in awhile, just to be away from the maddening crowd. lols! And to sort out our brain and heart.. to check if both are still in place. :-)

    Thanks for sharing your insight.
    Bless you and your family.


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