Tuesday, April 26, 2011


DO OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY. (Yoda, character in the movie, The Empire Strikes Back) This line fascinates me most. And I love that movie. It seems so simple, isn’t it? He makes it sound so easy. ‘Love that small guy.

Don’t we always start out considering first so many odd things before making decisions? It’s like standing at the door of opportunity but having only one foot in. I think it’s fear that’s mainly eating us up – fear of the unknown, of rejection, of failing, of being different, of someone’s displeasure, of losing, of censure -- So many fears, normal maybe, but we cower hugely in its presence.

But after doing the drill and considering things the way you should, what's stopping you from taking the plunge? What's stopping you from pursuing that dream?

Like the little guy says ‘Do’ and get to discover the surprises in store for you. ‘Do not’ and get to miss out on what could be yours to enjoy. ‘Try’ is a feeble attempt at neither sanity nor wisdom. It's hesitation at the door of opportunity. The middle ground is not always the safer ground. You want fireworks --- light the fire!

May the force be with you.
Or better yet this way.... May God be with you.
Now go for gold!


  1. "You want fireworks --- light the fire"
    What a powerful statement.Indecision like a rocking chair doesn't carry one far.One must break the eggs to get an omelet.
    A brilliant post as usual

  2. Hi KP,

    That's a good one... "Indecision like a rocking chair doesn't carry one far." I like it. Thanks for taking time off to come by. It seems that the Muses have been turning up quite a writing frenzy for you in the blog. That's Great! :-)

  3. I always have like Yoda too...whoever wrote his lines was inspired! And I agree "do" or "do not". No waffling around inbetween!

  4. I love using "May the Force be with you!" Yeah, with a capital letter F.

    Nice post! :)

  5. I agree with you, Theanne, those lines were truly inspired. Yeah, and I like what you said... "No waffling around inbetween!" :-)

  6. Lovely to see you, Kikit! :-) Oh yes, my friends use it so often... it seems to have eaten up their souls LOLS!

  7. Ellen,

    True. The moment you say I Will Try, you have already given up as there is no confidence to get what you want.

    Take care

  8. True, Jack, and I wonder who ever invented that phrase. It should be stricken out of our vocabulary. And be replaced with... "I'll give it my best shot." Has a more positive ring to it. Decisive and positive.

    You too take care, Jack. God bless.


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