Thursday, April 28, 2011


--- "We are creators" --- Have read this somewhere and it's a good line to remember too, especially good to tell a friend who now is feeling quite down in the dumps with her bland boring day... thinking that life is just one heavy stack of tough luck. And believes that there’s nothing else one can do bout the situation.

Well, I hope that she's reading this now because that line tells us that we need not look far because we can hope to turn things around. How? With our innate and inherent -- creativity.

If you’ll ask Mr. Webster, he’ll tell you that the word is about – ingenuity, cunning, intelligence, inventiveness, cleverness, resourcefulness, and imagination.

Wow! We’re all that? And it’s right here in our hands to work out something better for ourselves? So who says that it’s out there whatever-it-is that we need to be or have to make good?! Didn't he get it that 'out there' is nothing compared to what's 'in here' --- in us, in you, in every breathing living person on this perceived 'cursed' planet?!

So why do we think or behave otherwise? Why instead do we spend so much time bewailing the difficulty of our days and times when it isn’t really so hopeless as we perceive it to be? Who’s been pulling the wool over our eyes?! We can actually do something about bad days and bad lives; change alter or transform it -----from difficulty to immense wealth of and in experiences, challenges, opportunities, riches, learning, and wisdom. And this is not just all about the material.

Why not give that a thought, my good friend? And while you’re at it, think about this --- We are indeed ‘creators’ created in the image of God – THE CREATOR! So why not give life our best shot? It's His Will that we should. And if you know your God, you should know this to be true.

But if inspite of this you still think you can't ... I might as well bonk you on the head with a block of ice. The summer heat must be getting to your brain, best friend! :-)


  1. Thanks for the reminder Ellen to not hide our talents under a bushel but to put them to use for God and ourselves!

  2. Hi Theanne,

    I really appreciate each time you come by here. It's always such a pleasure. That pleasure is doubled every time I go to see the pictures you put up in your blog.... all interesting! Thanks for making me a fine morning to start with. Take care and God bless.

  3. Ellen,

    Misery increases when we look for solutions outside than inside because we see so much outside which distracts us and make us more miserable. Happiness lies within.

    Take care

  4. Your insights and perspective are a delight to see and read. And why makes your blog interesting. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Jack. I hope you're having a pleasant and blessed weekend. God bless you and your family.

  5. Hi Elen,
    I visited your blog after sometime but the time couldn't be more correct. I am going through a bit of a difficult time both at work and personal life. A few good things I had expected to happen haven't happened and a few old irritants have returned.

  6. Hi Indra.

    Ease up, my friend, nothing can be so bad to mess up your day. Truly. Old irritants and the unexpected are things we all get from life. They're there, always there. But whether they will destroy us or not... is really up to us.

    You see, when things come bad in our life we shouldn't as customary point the finger outside our selves.. but rather get into reevaluation, reassessment, or review of past decisions or actions. Because it always boils down to what we may have done or haven't done at all which may have led to the present situation. We are responsible for and to what happens to us. With exception to that small percentage of things so-called beyond our control. But still which we can control by how we respond to it.

    You're smart, intelligent, and strong --- that's a good formula to beat the odds against you. Whatever it is that's bogging you down at this point in time .... is there for a reason. It behooves you to find out what and from there take the necessary action.

    You have my prayers, dear friend, for God's guidance and help in this your difficult time. Keep the faith.

    God bless you.


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