Saturday, April 9, 2011


That line in the blog title was taken from the movie, 'Mr. Holland's Opus'. I loved this movie and have seen this 2 or 3 times already and probably will be seeing it again... and again. And again.

It's true, you know, just when you get into deep plans in pursuit of a dream or goal the rest of your life unfolds. If you think that life is only about that journey to a dream, it's not. Life is also this....

-----when you wake up in the morning, drag your body off the bed, head off to the kitchen to make yourself a hot cup of coffee. Then you probably will be looking for the morning paper to keep tabs on what's happening to the world outside. Wifey comes in and tells you that son goofed up in class yesterday and his teacher wants to talk with Mom and Dad. You both then agree to meet with the teacher later in the afternoon. But you notice that you are running late and have to get dressed for work. At this point, your eldest daughter comes bouncing into the room flashing a piece of paper and gushing over it. It's the university in New York saying that her application was approved and that she could start the semester coming up in September. Already?!! Your wife looking like time just stood still is shocked. You understand because both of you weren't expecting it to be this soon. But you wrench yourself from the moment and rush through your morning as a dozen meetings await you at the office. You simply say 'Later' and head out to the car.

Life is what happens to you day after day after day. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your dreams at all. Sometimes it's just the ordinary mundane events in a day or time spent with family, friends, and people. Sometimes it's simply sitting by the shore looking out to a beautiful sunset. Sometimes it's just being you in the moment playing with your dogs. Things which many of us consider a waste of time.

That is life. That is what happens to you while you are making plans for the future.. working hard to build your dream house.. planning your next masterpiece.. building your career.. planning something.

So what's my point?

Simple. Live life with open arms embracing everything that's in it. Not focusing only on those things which you think is worthwhile or perceive it to be. Life is more than that. It is all of that! Life is the whole tapestry of you. Savor the passage of time as it ticks off in hours, days, weeks, months, years. Sing out every note in your life symphony. Dance to the beating of your own drum and not somebody else's. Reflect on the wonders of creation - try to understand the heart of your God. And importantly, have a grateful heart for the miracle that is -- you!
Have a blessed weekend coming up ahead, folks! Make it count.


  1. Ellen,

    Read 3 pending posts now. Do we need to get stressed up and this one are interlinked. One who can lead a balanced is more at peace than one who favours either work or leisure more. So if one has balanced well he or she need not worry about what life throws at any time. One needs to have right attitude to prioritise. Same can be said for working moms. You have very rightly said it may not be possible to be perfect mom but one needs to be available mom.

    Take care

  2. Great Post! I loved everything bit of it. Good advice to live by. I am throwing as much paint as I can, and doing some finger painting along the way.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Dianne :)

  3. Enjoyed this post! You are very wise thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  4. Hi Ellen, once again its true to the core..

    Ad the title has become one of my fav lines. Yah we must concentrate on our specific goals but shall also be open in accepting the happenings which are not in our hands...

    Goos one Ellen, if possible i'll watch the movie you specified..:)

    Have nice time

  5. Hi Jack,

    A good uncle once told me that balance is not always easy to achieve. So he further says that we should take it with one issue at a time... one area of concern at a time... or one situation at a time. If we work at it in that manner pretty soon we would arrive at the set goal. We get better by doing things repeatedly until the act becomes a habit with us. Every skill or talent or idea or theory is honed to perfection with repetition.

    So if aiming for positivity in our daily lives, then it behooves us to try to develop positivity in our thoughts, words, and deeds every chance that we get. Because by practicing the trait with every life circumstance or situation it will sooner or later lead us to the overall point we desire.

    We become better with practice, I agree. In like manner, we can achieve a good balance in life with constant practice of those principles we aspire for. And we get that opportunity with every life situation or circumstance or issue that comes our way.... one moment at a time.

    Thanks for your lovely visit and comment.
    Always my pleasure to see you. God bless.

  6. Diane, now you are drawing out interest and curiosity out of me. I hope that you will post your finger painting in your blog soon. I'll be waiting! :-) Bless you and your family.

  7. Delighted to see you, Theanne. I hope your day and weekend is going lovely. Blessings pour out for you to enjoy. Thanks for coming by. God bless!

  8. Nice, Prams; so is it also my big favorite. So nice to see you again; 'been a long while. Life must be keeping you pretty busy, my friend. :-) Wish you all the best. God's peace and love go with you always.


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