Wednesday, September 21, 2011


"I've come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that's as unique as a fingerprint - and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you." --- -- Oprah Winfrey

So what is your calling? Have you ever stopped to figure that out? Honestly, sometimes you don't get to know it early in life. Some discover it in midstream when they have something else going for them. Sometimes it comes to you later in life. Much later. But then again who can tell why it is so? Why God so chooses at what time you should or shouldn't? The goal is still the same.

The essential thing to this is that you perform what it is that is being asked of you. That is after you have found out what it is of course. That is the challenge and task HE has set out for you to do. And pronto.

No, it's not to be another Oprah Winfrey or a Helen Keller or a John F. Kennedy or other highly esteemed personality who have made their indelible mark on us and on the world. But why not also cos if it is .. that's something fantastic on a grander scale.

But usually it is in being what you do best with what life and God has given you. As you are. God may want you to be a ...... good mother, leader, priest, father, son or daughter, friend, student or teacher, employee or social worker, nurse or care giver, businessman, pilot, NGO, street sweeper, etc. But this also means that you give it your best shot. If you are a street sweeper, be the kind that does an excellent job of sweeping the streets that people will enjoy walking by your street and admire the work of the hands that did it!

It is in knowing that what you have is not there for keeping. Not really or totally. It is meant for something much bigger than you. I've said this before I know. And you will always hear it from me. Because by nature we always tend to forget. We forget a lot of things we should be remembering............... birthdays, anniversaries, grandparents, good old friends, appointments, favors, and more stuff which give meaning purpose and reason to our lives. We forget to be kind, friendly, compassionate, sympathetic, generous, helping, understanding, tolerant, human and humane, non-judgmental, forgiving, trusting where trust so inspires, believing in a greater good, savoring the simple pleasures of life and living. Like we also always forget to thank HIM for HIS blessings then and now and forthcoming yet. We forget.

So then let's try find our calling. Know our calling. Embrace it. Make it our gift back to God.
Blessings to you all, in Christ.


  1. The true yoga is efficiency in action.As you have rightly said it is in doing the best and giving more than 100% whatever be the work assigned to us that distinguishes the extraordinary from the ordinary.Being grateful to Him always gives us the humility to do our best without ego robbing us of our natural abilities.
    A nice post as ever.

  2. Hi KP,

    The principle is the same with this line.. 'doing much with little'. But the little that is the best from anyone.. is best.

    Some believe that doing one's best is always associated with things done in a grand or grander scale. Not always though. But if you can, then why not?!

    The essential thing is putting in your best effort, your best self in the task. That is what is required of us. No matter if it be so trivial as planting a rose in your tiny rose garden. With your best effort your rose garden could become the most beautiful rose garden this side of town.

    Thank you for your lovely visit.
    Have a blessed day. :-)

  3. Hi Ellen, once again, u made me stick here..

    @Because by nature we always tend to forget. We forget a lot of things we should be remembering...............

    yeah, its the recent trend it seems.. hehe..;) u said it right ..;) agree with you..

    just that i do not have belief in god, everytime i figure it out whom to thank, the person involved..;)

    Good day dear..

  4. Hi Prams,

    Lovely to see you here. :-) Everything in its own good time, by Divine Design. Everything has its season... for love, life, death, joy, sadness, change, growth, faith.... and other things of life and heaven.

    God's light and peace be with you, dear friend.

  5. What a timely post for me! I just found out a publisher is interested in publishing my book of devotionals. I don't know yet if I will go with this offer, but just the thought of how God has called me to not only write the book but to be a speaker as well scares me silly! I will turn 50 this winter, and it's just now I'm stepping into my destiny. Thank you for a beautiful, timely post!

  6. That's wonderful news, Deb!! :-) Oh don't worry, when God sends a blessing He also empowers you to do right by it. If not this offer, the next ones coming. I shall be looking forward to reading your book, having my autographed copy , that is. :-) And yes 50 is a golden age. Bless you, my dear friend.

  7. Ellen,

    We all take up some profession for living but many times heart is into something else. Best is to give your best to whatever profession you have chosen but find time for what heart asks. I may be GM in a company but in hearts of heart I want to be a singer. So I must find time to take that up and then once I gain proficiency in that sing for happiness of others.

    Take care

  8. This is wonderful insight, Jack >> "Best is to give your best to whatever profession you have chosen but find time for what heart asks." -- If one succeeds in that pursuit, it would make for the perfect balance in life. You take care too, Jack. Bless you.


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