Friday, September 30, 2011


"BELIEFS - We grow as big as the things we believe, and there we stop. Beliefs are creative, and they also are restrictive. They make us what we are, and limit us to what they are."
(Roy L. Smith)

The dictionary says that 'belief' is something believed or accepted as true. That covers a wide range of somethings. Exclude religion though because I'm not going there with this. Not yet anyway.

This subject came to mind when a friend remarked that he believes people to be selfish. That's a harsh thing to say but I respect his right to say it. It's his belief; he's entitled to one. But when you say that people are selfish (a sweeping statement, by the way) ..... it's not because they are but I think there must be a story behind it. Something must have happened somewhere there in their own tiny niche in life. Life presents us with so many challenges and battles which undeniably affect us in different measure and degree of discomfort or unpleasantness. As we live through it, these impact - form - shape our experiences, insights, opinions, attitudes, perceptions, and responses to life. Everybody has his own history. What is inside that undoubtedly creates the person that you are. It forms character and personality. Thus is born our beliefs.

But we should remember too that we can be as small or as big .... creative or restrictive --- as our beliefs. We are what we believe. Believe in potential, opportunity, greatness, talent, hope, faith, GOD, and in the basic goodness of man. Believe that yes there is both good and bad in life... but we can learn from 'bad' and be immensely blessed by good.

Blessings to you all! :-)


  1. This cannot bbe bettered even a wee bit.It is so crisp,concise and packed wisdom.
    Thanks Ellen.

  2. true..sometimes we get certain experiences in life which us prejudiced againt certain things and people

  3. Thank you, KP. :-) You made me smile.

  4. So much is wrong because of prejudice. Right, Keno. Irreversible harm done by it.

  5. Happy to see you, Sana (A New Beginning). Hope you're having a lovely day. Thanks for taking time off your blog to drop by. :-)

  6. My past is just like a battle of life and death. I was a victim of injustice and unfair life. Since, I survived, my view of life changed. I believed that our bad experience helped us to find the big opportunity waiting for us. Life is not the same before after you lost in the battle, because it changed you and you learned more. Now, the most important is, you know how to acknowledged God’s wonderful love and care. I believed that God is powerful. Ma’am Ellen, Thank you so much for the significant anecdote, I can relate it. You are such a good writer. God bless po.

  7. Dear Star-Chuu,

    We all walk our respective journeys in life. In it we come across both good and bad. But we cope and carry on, learning from the lessons that certainly help us rise from it much wiser as a person. I am not different from you, dear friend. And just like you I have learned to anchor my sails on God. He never fails. He sets my sails in the right direction despite the turbulent winds and seas. He always brings us to safety. No doubt about that.

    Thank you for appreciating the piece. My prayers go to you for more wonderful blessings in life. Take care and God bless you.

  8. Hi Ma'am Ellen! How are you? It's so nice to be back. And something's never changed--that I feel peace when I'm reading your blog. It's a blessing and I hope you'll continue being a blessing to us through your insights and wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post. God bless you and your family more. Take care!

  9. Wonderful to see you, Lea! :-) Thank you so much too for dropping by each time to read the posts. Makes for a fine day :-) and a blessed one with your blessings passed on, in Christ.

    God bless you with far more than your heart can hold. :-)

  10. Ellen,

    As we grow in years we form opinions about others as per our experience and thus those become our beliefs. But I feel that one thinks about others as he or she is. One may dream big and make efforts to achieve what he or she dreams but even after reaching top one needs to remember that humble a person is more successful he or she can be.

    Take care

  11. Very true, Jack >> "But I feel that one thinks about others as he or she is." -- Can't be any other way. We are who we are and it shows in our thoughts, words, and deeds.


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