Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I've read this in a book long ago. Yes, long ago but these lines I will be quoting to you have stayed in my mind through my learning years. It plays an important role in our desire to grow, progress, improve, or change for better and best. Here's what it says, to quote...........

The Law Of Replacement

"There is a law in psychology that says --- you cannot get rid of one thing without replacing it with something else. --- Since nature abhors a vacuum, if we just try to eliminate the negative without replacing it with the positive, the vacuum created will eventually suck the negative back in. If we are not careful and conscious, we sometimes end up just replacing one negative with another negative."  (The Aladdin Factor, Canfield and Hansen)


So does that not give us an idea why sometimes things don't seem to happen the way we hope or want to in spite of eliminating what we may have thought was the cause? It's because we did not have a fitting replacement for what we have eliminated or removed from our lives. If something causes us so much pain or misery (a negative), we pluck it out of our system or existence... And a vacuum has been created. So what then have we filled it with next?

Here are familiar snippets of life which put that principle into play........

- A woman is in a bad relationship but instead of getting into another relationship which may or may not guarantee happiness comes to decide to free herself of the negative presence in her life. And having learned well the lessons therein replaces it with renewed maturity, fresh courage, much wiser, and determination to build her life anew and move on with it by her lone new self. 

- A man is in a dead-end job but instead of feeling sorry for himself kicks the bucket of negativity and resigns from the job. Then gathering strength which he thought was non-existent learns from mistakes, boosts his confidence and sets his eyes on a fresh new approach to job hunting.

.... and many other similar situations we will surely find in life if we open our eyes and pay attention.

The lessons is simple....  life should be lived with positivity. Although I admit that sometimes staying positive serves such a huge challenge too. But if we persist with it and learn well the rewards are far greater than we can imagine. So why don't we give it a try? After all we all desire better or the best for ourselves. So let's give ourselves that chance.

Blessings, everyone!

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