Monday, June 17, 2013


To quote: ... " 'Que Sais- je?' (What do I know?) was the motto of Michel de Montaigne, the sixteenth century French essayist whose amiable good sense still endears him to many readers today. His question was intended to remind him that knowledge was there to be tested and tried. But it was also a reminder that he an educated and quite wealthy man, well-read and with his own library of books, actually knew very little."   -- David Ross, Pearls of Wisdom

To my personal stack of knowledge I see quite a good share gathered through my own life journey through the hits-and-misses, the succeeding-and-failing, the joys-and-tears, the joyful fulfillment-and-disappointing regret, and everything else contained in the whole spectrum of life and living. But monsieur Michel was right ..... 'what do I know?' My answer to that would be ... 'plenty' still to know!

My journey isn't over and God isn't finished with me yet. And that speaks for all of my fellow travelers down life's road. There's more to discover, know, learn. If you think seriously about it, a person will need a thousand lifetimes to get to that point of being 'all knowing' and even more. One lifetime isn't enough.

But we don't need to do that. We just need to take what's there in our day, examine it, explore, pass it through reflective thought, learn what's there to learn, put it to the test, and then make it our own. It's one day at a time of pursuing knowledge, experience, wisdom. You can't just cruise down the avenue of living or sit on the fence and watch people and the world go by. You get involved in it... get your hands dirty, get your heart bruised, shake up your mind. All these for a better you. That's the whole point of everything.

So then 'Que Sais- je?' Plenty still that we don't know.
Blessings on your own life journey.

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