Monday, June 10, 2013


 Early this morning resumed my usual morning walk which was placed on hold throughout the long hot summer. Just about two months (April and May) but it seemed an eternity under the excruciating irritating insufferable heat of the summer sun. This was in fact the hottest summer recorded in the country.

Anyway, as I walked down the usual route round the neighborhood with a light feeling in my step, I noticed that things seemed quiet in the homes I passed by. Perhaps children had already gone to school and husbands off to work. I presumed mothers and wives with the house now quiet turned their attention to household chores. At some point a whiff of yummy breakfast food from a house nearby pranced around my nose and the thought of pancakes and friend eggs pushed me to hurry with the walk so that I could whip up my own breakfast too.

Nothing much seemed to have changed in the neighborhood in the two months I stayed off the paths. But I wasn't really looking hard enough. I was too eager to finish with my walk with the thought of breakfast stuck on my mind that I wasn't really paying attention. Uh-uh not good!

You see, things don't really stay the same. Except for those which need to stay the way they are for a wee bit longer for some reason or another. Change adorns the topography of our lives, living or non-living. Something becomes less or more, will diminish or increase, become fat or thin, taller or shorter, happier or lonelier, births or deaths, something lost or something else gained, and everything else which tells us that the world turns round and round with or without us. And as the world turns and life moves along with it, things get shed off and acquired all in the same spinning.

That said, I think I would be more careful on my next morning walk. This time to steer my eyes to what I should be truly seeing, nudge my mind to understand better the wisdom that has skipped my mind the first time, and tell my heart to lift up a tiny prayer of thanks to a magnificent God who made things the way they are all for my better learning and understanding.

Lovely day to you all.


  1. Every step we take, has something to teach us. And makes us feel grateful to the Almighty for what we have! Looking forward to your walk experience filled with the sights and sounds around you :)

    1. I totally agree .... 'Every step we take, has something to teach us.' Oh you are correct - the early morning walks always have something ready to tweak the senses for learning and more learning!

      Do have a lovely day! Thank you for dropping by. Truly appreciated.

  2. Beautifully said that change is constant and yet the grace of God ensures that we accept it as we progress along changing ourselves in many ways.

    1. The goal is to be the person God meant us to be when he created us. It was already there but we somehow lost it along the way with neglect and in pursuit of temporal things. Now our journey is to get back our light and shine with it out to the world. As was God's original design. For God's greater glory.

      Thank you for coming by, KP, and for your comment. It's appreciated.


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