Thursday, June 13, 2013


What's a 'talipapa'?  It's one of these depending on what you see settled in your area.........  Talipapa - a temporary fish market;  Talipapang gala - a traveling wet market;  Talipapang bayan - a public market. While a 'palengke' is a public wet market more permanent in structure.

So this morning I went to a talipapa with the intent to buy mangoes from my 'suking tindahan'. For my foreign friends the tagalog word 'suki' is of Chinese origin. Translated means .. suki - a regular customer;  suking tindahan - a favorite store where you shop regularly. This talipapa is just a few meters from the main road outside the main gate of my subdivision. A mini version of the wet market and temporary in the sense that they could be sent away or closed down on short notice anytime when the proper authorities feel that they should.

Anyway, I bought some vegetables, calamansi (also called Chinese orange), bananas, and of course my favorite sweet mangoes. Unfortunately I didn't bring an Eco-bag so I was laden with five plastic bags of goodies which my tiny fingers and hands struggled with. In fact, that concern was major-major (borrowed your words, Venus Raj) because I still had a long walk back to the house to consider. At the fruit store, the store owner saw my problem and without much ado took the bags yet smilingly.... yup ....he rearranged the goods and tied the plastic bags at their top edges and presto! -- I was left with only two bags to carry back home. Thanking him was such an honor and delight. So appreciated it was especially when the rains started. Luckily though I had with me my dependable umbrella.

Also before I forget, in one of the small stores I lacked the necessary change for the stuff I bought but the girl simply smiled and said 'It's okay'.  Oh, you don't get these in the big markets. They usually leave you to deal with your market problems by your own exasperated hapless self.

Small people... they usually have a heart of gold. They take time to help or serve with what they know or can. With eyes beaming with honest intent and concern they lend a helping hand without a moment's hesitation.  But this one is just a talipapa and one day I may not be seeing them there but I will always remember the times they made me feel good.

Have an interesting day, everyone. Blessings!


  1. I love going to farmer's markets and finding these hidden gems and interesting places. :-)

    1. Oh yes indeed, I too find such good interesting buys at a farmer's market. Hey so nice to see you, Raaji! Take care. Blessings to you and your loved ones.


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