Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I wasn't meaning to write this morning;  I had a book to read. But a question popped up in my mind. A simple one and maybe some would think quite stupid. The question was this...........

"What are your thoughts?"

We hear that often, don't we? I do, more in times of argument or confusion or censure. But then if you think hard about that, it is a good question.


We in our day to day lives are more inclined to see things from our own standpoint or point of view. We come to judgement or conclusion filtered through our own benchmark of thoughts, insights, experience, preferences, or perceptions. We do that; I do that.

Consider this.

What if we knew a person's thoughts? By trying to ferret out what the other person's thoughts are about something..... the issue at hand, the thing facing him or when just being still ..... we could gather fresh new helpful insights. It could be something as confronting a huge drama in his life or it could be just a simple thing as tying his shoe ....  new interesting discoveries could unfold to us. It could perchance lead us to a better understanding of that person and his situation. It could tone down our judgement, bias, opinion, and our feeble attempts at writing his story ourselves. It could lead us to some new learning or adventure.

A bigger picture lies somewhere in there. He is writing his own story; living it. Or perhaps talking to his soul. We are but spectators. We need not participate in it .. unless we are destined to.

But we must at least try to understand his thoughts. Better understanding brings out better responses. We each may live separate lives but we all stand connected. His thoughts, right or wrong, can or may in some measure, impact our lives.. directly or indirectly. If something creates ripples in a huge pond, those ripples travel through the rest of the pond touching it in every which way whether the creatures living in their own side of that same pond like it or not. It's the same in the human world. Someone may make your day bad or good without even trying to. It just is. He is just is. Understand.

With better understanding we can make better responses. Better responses can thwart off whatever unnecessary stresses could threaten our own tiny space and too its peace though we stand connected to the even bigger tapestry of life.

Now off I go to my date with a book.
Have a great day....  live in the moment.
Blessings, everyone!

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