Thursday, May 22, 2014


How I wish that every insecure unsure child or adult could read this.........

".....When you measure your growth, make sure to only measure your today self by your past self. If you compare your relationships, your success, or your anything against anyone else, you are not being fair to you. Everyone has a different path, a different pace, and different challenges to face along the way."   --- Doe Zantamata

Here's a little story, it's about a friend. We were buddies at work. She was pretty, bright, friendly and yet when conversation came down to achievement and dreams I would see some sadness in her eyes. She would evade the subject. It seemed that there was this room where a door stood shut with a sign which said --  'do not enter'.

One day I could not stand seeing her sadness one more time and so point-blankly asked her 'what's wrong?' I guess the key to that forbidden door was simply to ask the question.

Long story short, she never felt that she would be anything or anyone in her life. She tried and failed and this was taken up against her by her father who  would say .....'wala kang kwenta! (you're no good) every time she failed. "Mabuti pa si____ sa'yo ... malayo na ang narating." ( ____ has done better than you; she's gone far).  So finally, at long last, I understood her sadness. 

This is as much as I can tell about her story. Oh she's fine now; she's learning though learning can be slow at times. But she'll get there one day soon and be the better version of who she was yesterday.

'Wala kang kwenta' 'You're no good'  ----- Never say that to anyone, especially to your family. And when somebody says that to you, be they family, friend or foe ----  Don't listen! 

You are who you are and have become what you planned for by your own effort and dreams. You are a different person today positively from your old self of yesterday. That is success! Although some struggles may still be there and the journey sometimes slow but the magnificent work is continuing. Somebody up there isn't sleeping. Remember that you are a work in progress...  and that is good! And one day  ---- you will hold the stars.. your dreams.. in your hands. By God's design.


  1. Wala kang kwenta' 'You're no good' ----- Never say that to anyone.Not only this do not compare with others and if one has nothing to say to motivate,silence is better.Many hopes of children have been crushed by heartless remarks made carelessly.
    I liked this very much.

    1. "..... do not compare with others and if one has nothing to say to motivate,silence is better." ----- It is wonderful to know that we share the same sentiments on the subject. Hey thanks for dropping by and the comment is so appreciated.

      Have a blessed day, KP! Blessings!


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