Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It is quite easy to be content with what you have become and with your own stack of experience or knowledge. And even easier to boldly think that you know everything there is to know and that nothing else will and can surprise you now. Maybe -- or maybe not. But I think it's not how far you or we have gone up the ladder of knowledge or fame or stature that makes the real score. Not really. Because I have seen men of high position, wealth, or education make big and bigger fools of themselves with something or someone lesser than themselves. Not so much of why but rather of how they did that to themselves.

----- How often do we hear of an unknown inconsequential person steal the thunder from a much more famed intellentual or personality by the sheer strength of his argument or presentation? And that isn't because he had more talent or was much more brilliant than the other. It was imply because this insignificant person did his homework, studied harder, and was determined to learn all there was to learn and more about the subject in question. He apparently didn't stop where others already have. He wasn't contented with what he had, no matter how sufficient it may appear to be, and doggedly strove or explored more ways to make it even better if not the best. His goal may not be perfection but definitely he aimed for excellence. By the way, somebody once told me that perfection is a dead-end, meaning no growth. No more.

----- In contrast to that, we see our man of stature stopping where he was made content by his achievements or personal gain.

----- To sum it up, our inconsequential hero continued to grow where our famed intellectual stood smugly on status quo. So it isn't very hard to see that growth, wherever and whoever you are in your life with whatever you have, will undoubtedly take you quicker to your goal and win you the coveted prize. You see, it's not really what you have accumulated in your head or how big and full your pockebook is, or of the absence of one or the other or both. Nope. Rather what defines you is whether you continue to grow regardless of your situation or circumstance. Then by this you become unstoppable. And that is how man made his first flight to the moon - discovered new horizons - broke sound barriers - created new wonder drugs - or rose from rags to riches where it was once thought to be impossible.

----- "It matters little where a man may be at this moment; the point is whether he is growing." - George MacDonald


  1. No man ever reached to excellence in any one art or profession without having passed through the slow and painful process of study and preparation.
    A very nice post,Ellen

  2. thisis a grt post i would say.. i agree with who works in shadow does his best when he has to perform.. scrutiny disturbs ppl often..but u reverse.. hheheh...:)

    Thanks for this..and i liked the quote at the end..

  3. Hi Pram,

    Aha so you're the 'reverse' Lols! But if that works well for you, then it's good. Different folks, different strokes. :-)

    Thanks for this lovely visit.
    See you around.

  4. Hi KP,

    Agree with you, like gold is processed through the fire.. so too must we go through strife to gain wisdom or become better than our old selves.

    Nice to see you again.
    Thanks for coming by. :-)

  5. Hi Elen,
    Nice to see you back. Nice post as usual. Yes, we become content very easily especially in the world of corporations where once you acquire few skills, you can live of them for a long time to come - and that makes people complacent.

  6. Hi Indra,

    Oh yes, I remember my days at the office too some years back. Can understand fully well what you mean. Saw a lot like it with my colleagues -- complacent bulls. lols! :-) Ten years in the job and no growth.

    Anyway, it's nice to see you again. Love it when you come visiting the blog and leave very interesting comments or messages. Thanks so much. Always take care. God bless you and your loved ones.


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