Friday, November 13, 2009


Hi guys!

Do you know where I am? Am here in a net cafe. :-) Why? Because the communication and power lines in my neighborhood are out of commission at this time. So for the past three days I did nothing but think of you fellas, listen to music, do my morning walks with my daughter, play with my dogs and cat, and do some more sketches. :-) But I sorely miss meeting you all in the blog.

Well, am hoping that the repair guys will fix the problems very soon or tomorrow (Wish!) so that I can go back to posting again. Fact is, I have already a couple of new pieces for posting. And maybe will be adding more until things are back to normal again.

By the way, I love your warm and lovely messages in my previous post. Gosh, it feels good to know that you're there. As I've always said.. a blog comes alive when people come visiting it. And that's what you do to my blog .... it pulsates with life with your presence. You simple light it up, fellas. Thank you very much.

Got to go now. My online time is up. Geeezz, I thought I'd never go back to a net cafe again when I had the internet service installed at home. Oh well, never say never. Lols! :-)

Take care, everybody! Hope to see you soon.
Now don't you stop sending me your messages. Looking forward to more. Lols!
May God bless you and your family.

Ellen :-)


Will be replying to your messages in the previous post on my next visit to this net cafe and that'll be soon. Take care all. Bye for a bit!


  1. i have just started to know u and im already loving it...full of enthusiasm and spontaneous with likes ur spirit...pray that u net is ack soon and u dont have to come down to the cafe :)

  2. Hi Elen,
    When I saw you were not responding to comments, I understood something must be wrong. Earlier I used to visit internet cafes but ever since I had a connection at home, I left doing that and now I have almost forgotten the exerience of surfing in a cafe. But you should never say never.

  3. Dear Ellen,
    Today on 14th November we are celebrating Children's Day in India;the birthday of the first Prime Minsiter of independent India.
    he loved children very passionately.
    hope the network problems are fixed by now.very truly said,dear,unless readers visit and leave comments our posts don't have that pulse rate!:)when my pc goes down,i get so restless unable to reach my blog and friends!
    wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  4. Ellen,

    Hope the internet at home is working now. Looking for your views on my previous post in 3 parts. Relax, need not go specially for replying.

    Take care

  5. Hi Rush,

    I hope this will be start of a wonderful blog friendship. It's always a pleasure seeing you here. Thank you for your lovely message. May God bless you all year through.

  6. Yeah Indra,

    Never say never LOLS!! :-) So nice to see you again here. You have always been a very consistent reader of the blog, even in those days of o3. And how I appreciated your visits each time.

    Take care. See you around soon.
    Am crossing my fingers that the phone lines will be restored soon.

  7. Oh yes, Anu,

    Isn't it so crazy not to be with our blog friends for days in a row? You know, along with the writing which I truly love doing, it's the wonderful friendships that have been born out of this whole blog experience that I enjoy. :-) So am on edge waiting for the phone lines to be restored soon. Am missing everybody a lot! Lols!!

    Take care. See you around soon.

  8. Thanks, Jack,

    Yeah, am learning to take things in stride. lols! But I sense the neighbors bashing the phone company in their minds hahahaha! Oh they're working on it so things will be back to normal soon.

    Take care. God bless!

  9. Hi KP,

    Lovely to see you here today! :-) Oh have posted a couple of pieces. Hope you can visit them and leave your usual inspiring messages.

    See you soon.
    God bless you and your family.


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