Monday, November 9, 2009


Hi Folks!

I was sitting at the computer one day last week and cruising down my blog archive. And honestly I was literally amazed by the Comments section and felt so overwhelmingly thankful for all the lovely, inspiring, warm, encouraging, and endearing comments and messages seen on every post written through the weeks, months, and years. Am so lucky and blessed to have such wonderful people visiting and viewing the blog. You made the blog so special and of course gave me my widest smile every time you dropped by. You bet! :-)

And so I thought I'm going to do something special for you, just for you my friends. The result of which is the above landscape sketch in charcoal pencil right off my sketch pad. :-)

Yes, this post is something different this time. Because this is a GIFT to all my wonderful FRIENDS in the blog, old and new, visible and invisible.

To your heart -- from mine.
God bless you all!



  1. Ellen,

    Read 3 posts now. I actually forgot to write in my previous comment that you have good hand for sketching. And now you have gifted one to all of us. Thanks. Do or Do not, each one is competing for 1st position. Beautiful lyrics and I will tune in to listen sometime.

    Take care

  2. Hi Elen,
    Very warm post. I have been with you since your O3 days, so I am among the oldest, I guess. I have lost track of many friends I met online, though. I was also the first person apart from the one who developed your site to visit this blog, you had said. It's been great all along. Thanks for your gift. Keep writing.

  3. Lovely sketch.Why don't you hv an exclusive blog for your sketches where you can post one daily?We visit your blog to read your fine posts and go back amply rewarded.The thanks are due from us to you rather than the other way round.

  4. This is a wonderful gift frm a wonderful person dear.. Thank youu oo much for ur love..:)

    Have nice time..

  5. Hi Elen,
    I had left a comment yesterday and don't know what happend to that. However, very nice post. It takes me back to my 03 days since when I have been following your blogs. Keep writing them. Thanks for the gift.

  6. I thank you Ellen for your gentle presence in the blogosphere. You sure make a difference in people's minds and emotions.

    And what a talent you got - sketching!

  7. first timer here and u are giving a hand made in person gift to ur readers...i dont think i deserve it as yet...but yeah maybe soon :)

  8. To my dear dear friends --

    How my heart spills over the brim with joy seeing you all here. I am glad that you have accepted the gift by indicating that you liked it. :-)

    Aside from this message am writing here, I have also left messages in your own blogs, respectively. :-)

    I hope everybody enjoys a lovely and blessed day. May God bless you and everybody in your home.

    Take care, guys!
    See you here again soon.
    (I expect the phone lines restored by the end of the week :-)Hurray!)



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