Saturday, November 21, 2009


We often hear talk about somebody else’s bloopers, blunders, faults, bad fortune, inadequacies, failures, or bad luck. But why call attention to what others cannot do, failed to do, and are unable to do? It’s bad enough for that person to know that he has failed but to be reminded of it so often really sucks. Gossip and gossiping is a killer. It can hurt. It destroys with just one spoken nasty unkind word, just as easy as that. Well, what’s said about another person may be true or untrue but that’s not our problem. The whole point is why need or bother to talk about it? If it‘s not going to help the other person, just be quiet.

But do speak up about anything and everything which is GOOD, TRUE, NOBLE, WORTHY, and PRECIOUS. For instance -----

-The girl next door who comes home with her pay check with groceries in tow and with her mom’s favorite dish for dinner in her hand. In the rat race of modern pursuits, sometimes those simple endearing homespun values may be pushed far back or even get lost.

-That nondescript guy in his cubicle at the far end of the hall helping you photocopy fifty pages of your boss’s monthly report without your asking him to. Such unselfish and thoughtful gesture is a rare treasure to find in a corporate jungle.

-A friend who volunteered to stay with your sick child in the hospital to have you come home and rest. A friend who doesn’t mind getting involved in your family cares and woes is the real friend we all truly need.

-The vendor who helped push your car stalled in the center of busy traffic onto the safe side of the road. That’s the kind of person who unwittingly restores our trust and faith in the basic goodness of man.

-Or that 70 year old man who nobly lives a life alone and lonely but doesn’t complain; in fact, he is the cheeriest old man in your neighborhood. He puts us to shame with our pointless grumbling and complaining over the difficulties of life and living.

These and many more are what we should look out for, admire, praise, encourage, and extol. Shout it from the roof tops -- Tell everybody how wonderful this or that person is; how he or she made your life comfortable, pleasant, cheery, funny; or how you were encouraged, strengthened, inspired in your darkest moments; or how he made you feel human and worthy when everybody else gave up on you.

Truly we can make a difference in other people’s lives. Not harp on something that breaks up their world and shatters it to pieces. Rather with one that builds up courage, esteem, hope, joy, and faith.

KINDNESS -- that is all it takes to make them look good and feel good. It’s just a simple show of kindness but, believe me, it means the whole world to that person.

(This post I dedicate to all the kind people in my blog life in my blog world – for all the kindness I’ve received in thought, word, and deed. The sketch above is inspired by you. I pray God continue to pour out blessings upon you and your loved ones.)


  1. That's a brilliant piece. I agree with your wonderful words. Even just a small kind deed can make a big difference.

    And that sketch.. it reminds us of how kind and great our good Lord is for giving us the gift of nature.

    Your blog is a blessing. Sharing your wise thoughts is a gesture of kindness. Salamat po.^^

  2. Ellen,

    My PC had gone on strike again for a few days, so I was absent. Read all pending posts. True we must look for small things in life which are like magic and make life more interesting. The moment one ceases learning, which is a never ending process, he or she ceases to exist. One can never take it easy that top has been reached. One needs to be oneself to achieve goals set. If you are kind to others without expecting anything in return, you will never find life becoming hard as there will be so many to share it with you. Saw all your sketches. When are you planning for a fashion show? You seem to have natural talent.

    Take care

  3. Good morning Ellen;

    'how beautiful a day can be
    when kindness touches it'...

    that's usually a message from a blogging-buddy-friend...such that i admire his wisdom in life...

    kindness is without limit, it's immeasurable and everyone can share a dose of it one way or the other...:)

    thanks for reminding me though am a person who's super kind to anyone in need...


  4. Hi Sashindoubutsu,

    Now that's a tongue-twister if there any is one! lols! So let's settle for Sashin, until you tell me your real pangalan. :-)

    Welcome! and I love your message. Am honored and delighted by it, thank you. But the pleasure is all mine because your presence here simply lights up the page. :-)

    Have gone to your blog awhile ago -- you write well, sarap basahin because of the ease of expression. Will be going back to cruise down the other posts soon.

    Take care. God bless you and your family.

  5. Hi Jack,

    It's always a pleasure reading your comments. I look forward to it everytime.

    A fashion show? lols! I've got an ongoing show right on my sketchpad and with an eternal audience of one --- me?! lols! Thank you, Jack. You have the natural knack for making others feel good about what they do. You're a blessing!

  6. Hi Amity,

    Oh I know who he is Lols!- :-) Parth! - a wonderful person and friend. He's a lovable and likable blogger.... everybody admires him in the blog. He weaves magic with his great storytelling skills. And puts down wonderful comments on the blogs he visits. Wonderful and unassuming person -- so simple and humble despite his great wisdom.

    Love it when you come by, Amity.
    You're doing so good with your blog that I enjoy coming back to it everytime. Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Hi Ellen! I like this entry. It reminds us of simple things that often go unrecognized. :)

  8. Welcome, Kikit!

    Delighted to see you. Hope you enjoyed your cruise down the blog page :-) You're right about -- "..simple things that often go unrecognized. :) .." There's plenty around us that we simply take for granted. But it's never too late to learn. Learn is just what am trying to do with the writing in the blog. A famous writer once said (forgot his name) -- that we can get to know more bout something by writing about it.

    Heyy, been to your blog, loved that piece you wrote on the season of Fall. That's good writing.

    Thanks for this lovely visit.
    Be seeing you around.
    God bless you & your family.


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