Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I woke up to a fine morning, got up leisurely from my bed and sauntered over to the bedroom window ... looked out to the day-- it looked like it was going to be a good day despite the clearly overcast skies. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a feeling one gets when everything within is peaceful, serene, and quite content. Not that nothing is bothersome or ‘kicking butt’ mine or somebody else’s, it’s just that some mornings do give us that ‘feel good’ feeling. Well, this is that particular morning.

Apparently the neighborhood has had a good head start getting on with the day’s routine of chores. I hear a neighbor’s washing machine spinning away with their usual laundry. Coming down the street are young children in their blue crisp uniforms on their way to school. Following not far behind are two housewives perhaps on their way to the market, too. (‘Wonder what they’re going to cook up for lunch today.) A car passing them slows briefly down to a halt; Mr. Perez, behind the wheel on his way to work, takes time to greet the ladies. Right across my window stands a proud mango tree with its trimmed branches (done ‘bout 2-3 months ago by Mr. Noble, my favorite neighbor) now growing new leaves in places where it used to be bare. And seen below at the foot of the tree is a small low-lying bush happily holding up its new blossoms for everyone to see. (‘Wonder though if people passing by do notice.)

Quite an ordinary scene repeated in many places everywhere. In fact, I think it’s down pat to routine, for the human part that is. As for nature, it does what it does best always --- live. So it really is this – that no matter the threat of terrorist bomb scares, a heavy downpour, or whether somebody is gravely sick or has died today – they’ll do it anyhow. People get on with their lives. Nature does the same. Even if war explodes this very minute, it won’t stop the roses from blooming. They’ll do it anyway.

In just the same manner, do the good that you want to do. Teach your students well, close that major contract for your company, minister to your sick patients, police your area, speak up for the underprivileged, serve in a civic program for the handicapped, or continue loving your unlovable friend. No matter how you may feel - or despite the risk of being misunderstood - or if friends tell you that you’re overextending yourself this time, do it anyway. It’s not meant to please anyone; it’s something you must do because you believe in it. And by the way, has it ever crossed your mind that God despite our unworthiness loves us anyway? Lovely, isn’t it?!

Read this poem late last night.....

by Mother Theresa of Calcutta

People are often unconscious, illogical and self-centered
Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish and ulterior motives
Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some false friends and true enemies
Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and frank, people will cheat you
Be honest and frank anyway.
What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight
Build anyway.
The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow
Be good anyway.
Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough
Give the world the best you've got anyway.
You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God
It was never between you and them anyway.



  1. Good vibes every where in the poem you shared..!

    My utmost heartfelt salutations to Mother Teresa for her existence to spread peace and Love and to enrich the values of humanity !

    Thank a ton Ellen for sharing this ..:)

    Hope you will have the good feel Mornings through out the journey of your life..:)

    Take Care

    Have a Wonderful Day !

  2. You may fail hundred times,people may ignore your exsistence too..

    Be persistent anyway ..Keep trying and open the next page of life..!

    I felt it rhymes with poem and its been my current flow of thought..


  3. Hi Vyshu,

    Oh you are first on the blog this time Lols! This is a very new post and here you are! :-) It's always a pleasure to see you and reading your messages. Thank you so much.

    This is good >> "You may fail hundred times,people may ignore your exsistence too.... Be persistent anyway." Mother Theresa would be smiling seeing this from you. :-)

    Blessings to you and everyone in your home.

  4. Hi Ellen,

    it was an amazing read. hats off to your observation and penning down the same.

    **Even if war explodes this very minute, it won’t stop the roses from blooming. They’ll do it anyway.

    Cuteeee..I never got this thought ellen, thanks for adding it to mine.

    **If you are successful, you will win some false friends and true enemies
    Succeed anyway.

    MY sincere thanks to mother thresa for her heart warming lines..:)

    ANd glad to see you picking her poem , and naming her as a lady from calcutta. That's the work and kindness that she had shown on the calcutta people made it as her native place, though it was not in real..:)

    Thank You so much Ellen. I would keep u under the section of 'people of wisdom' for me.

  5. Hi Pramoda,

    It's always such a pleasure and delight to see you here. And thank you for your lovely message.

    Went to your blog awhile ago and left message there too. It's a very interesting blog and gives me pleasure to go cruising down its page.

    I hope the week is going swell for you at home and at work. Please always take care. God bless you.

  6. Hi Ellen,

    Its my pleasure to read you. I have seen ur comments and thanks for such a nice message..:)

    And I would like you to go through "Why a girl shall deserve this?" post in blog and to leave ur comments..I have been waiting for urs..:)

    Thank You.

  7. Hi again, Pramoda,

    :-) Okay, 'went to your blog and saw the post you wanted me to see. It's an interesting read. Left a lengthy message there.. hahah. I hope it didn't tire you out reading through it. Lols! Looking forward to seeing new posts from you soon. God bless you & your family.

  8. Ellen,

    Life must go on just as nature does. I was feeling low today and reading your post stablised me a lot. Very motivational words from Mother Terresa. I always say if you can not help someone do not harm him or her. Efforts should be to make your contribution for betterment of society in whatever way you can.

    Take care

  9. Hello Jack,

    Oh I'm sorry you felt that way today.
    We all go through such a day you know. I do.... did, in fact, just the other day. And you know my solution to that? Come online and talk with friends.... those wonderful people who bring sunshine to my day. :-) ..and I feel good after.

    Like your visit in the blog now. It's a pleasure to see you and read your interesting messages. Thank you for lighting up my page with your presence.

    Wish you all the best.
    Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  10. awww...i love this one! Super! taga-antipolo ka pala, madalas kami ni kuya gabby ko magpunta sa Birhen ng Antipolo, lalo na nung paalis ako, at pagbalik of course para magpasalamat sa maalwan na byahe...breath-taking ang mga view jan, saka sariwa talaga ang hangin compare sa, ang sarap pa ng mga pagkain kahit sa turo2 lang, na-miss ko tuloy ang lomi bigla..LOL

    ang ganda naman nung lugar nyo, parang subdivision ano, ellen, hope you won't mind, seriously, hindi mo na kelangan i-post itong mahaba kong ala-novela na comments, na feeling ko gumagawa ako ng sarili kong entry sa blog mo. ha hah. joke lang, eh kasi naman diba...

    I just honestly want to let you know how much I love and appreciate your blog, I often found my self going back to your old posts and have that feeling of "everything will be alright" if i-am-not-in-so-good-mood-days-- REALLY..

    you are always been a blessing to me, you have no idea...THANKS SO MUCH again..

    God bless you my dear friend...

  11. My dear friend, Gratitude,

    Firstly, ipo-post ko 'to dito, kahit ano pang sabihin mo. lols! Kasi I want to keep it and treasure your message. :-) Tsaka no worries, yung para sa atin lang dalawa will be said in tagalog. heheheh

    Yup, Antipolo is a nice place with its free-flowing air and trees everywhere. Dati nung mabili ni husband ito, medyo malamig ako kasi malayo sa kabihasnan eh. lol! Yun pala good choice kasi iwas sa polusyon ng maynila. Maliit lang ang lugar namin, apat kami (wala na si husband) atsaka 3 aso plus one cat -- mixed blood ito..siamese-persian (cute siya heheh). Simple lang ang buhay sa araw-araw pero lagi namang nagsasabog si God ng blessing. Mabait ang Lord natin! Di ba?

    Aww we all have those kind of days, dear friend. I get it often Lols! Strange as it may seem, I too go back to my earlier posts looking for that piece of strength or inspiration to prop me up once again. You see, sometimes it is in writing about something that you get to know more about it. So I get to know more about courage in writing about courage. I guess it's the process of reflection or thinking deeply bout the subject that impacts the mind and heart in a far greater measure.

    Am just like you -- with my own set of concerns, troubles, challenges in life. Searching for answers to questions, seeking solutions, or meaning to everything. So I understand very well what you mean by "...i-am-not-in-so-good-mood-days--". :-)How I can relate to that. LOLS!

    You are such a dear and so sweet to tell me all that. It delights me to know that the writings have given you some good thoughts to reflect upon. I treasure your words.

    Thank you for taking time to do this long message of yours. hahahah mahaba nga! pero 'love it! Ganun lagi hah? :-)

    You are a blessing to me as well.
    Take care. God bless you and your family, dear friend.

  12. hello Ellen,

    Ellen sorry tungkol sa hubby mo, ayoko naman magmukhang ususera, but you look fabulously young kaya mejo na-confuse ako..kung anuman yung reason, ikaw na bahala kung gusto mo i-share sa akin, but i respect you with my heart...

    na-aamaze talaga ako dito sa mga posts mo, have you written a book yet? I will absolutely buy it, or if you have one already please let me know, I'll buy it and I will buy more to give as a gift to all my friends and family (naks akala mo dami pera ha hah.) are very talented, i mean..seriously, you gotta GREAT, something amazing going on in here....

    yah know, that's probably what I missed most in Pinas, yung simpleng buhay, basta may pera, maayos na tinitirhan, life is nearly perfect...basta may maayos na pagkain araw-araw alam mo yun...

    taga bagong silang, caloocan city ako, nung lumipat kami doon 1992, halos bundok talaga, konti lang kapit-bahay namin, ngayon naku...sobrang dami na ng tao...pero masaya naman sa lugar namin...tahimik naman kasi talaga pamilya ko...

    and alam ko may anak ka din diba? i remember one post about her if I am not mistaken..i gotta go check it again :) sowie...

    i remember yung picture nung mga alaga mo, ang cu-cute nga nila at super sweet kahit na aso at pusa...honestly i totally love pet, pero hanggang isa lang yata ako..may aso rin kami, terra ang name, dobberman, she's fabulous, kaya lang super selosa...

    nandito ako sa States, and Raquel nga pala name ko..just call me Khel para mas malandi...nakita mo naman yung baby ko at hubby ko sa isang blog, sila ang dahilan kung bakit araw-araw lubos-lubos ang pasasalamat ko sa blessings ni Lord. Mahirap din ang buhay dito, at mahirap ang hindi stable, but I worry about things pag nanjan na, otherwise, I tried really hard to live and enjoy "the NOW"..

    Thanks Ellen for everything, I can feel you are such a super loving person, when i say super, I really mean it...

    take care you and your loving family and let's keep in touch please my dear fabulous friend....

  13. Hi Rachel -- ayyy Khel pala! :-)

    Thank you for telling me your name. :-)

    Sus naman, you're not ususera. I understand that syempre you would want to know more bout me, as I about you too. Kaya it's okay asking.

    My husband and I are close in age, 2 years ang difference namin. He passed away at 63, that was year 2007. He died of cardiac arrest. So widow na ako ng two years with 3 daughters in their twenties na. We all live in our home here in Antipolo City. :-) I am now 63.. and if you think that is fabulous Lols! think again. Nananakit na buto-buto ko hahahah..!! But this I think is a nice age to be. When you have gone through the whole spectrum of growing up and been there-done that too -- you can rightfully say at 63 that it was and this is a good life. And if someone would ask me now -- if I were given the chance 'would I go through it all again'? The answer would be yes. Will have it no other way -- the ups and downs, the highs and lows -- it all added up to creating the person that I am now. :-)

    Honestly, friends just like you have too asked if I were to publish a book some day. Through the 5 years of blogging, that question has been often posed to me by wonderful friends. It's such a lovely pleasure and honor to be considered as such. :-) Yes, I have thought of writing a book.. or maybe a compilation of my work here in the blog. And God so permitting, I may start the ground work early next year. Pwede bang tulungan mo akong ipagdasal ito? :-) sana matuloy.

    Pero gusto ko muna malaman sa 'yo kung dapat ba talaga na ituloy ko yung project na yan. Kasi baka aamagin lang sa mga store shelves yun eh.. hahahah :-) So sabihin mo sa akin kung magugustuhan ba ng madlang people (lols!) yang project na yan. Honest opinion lang hah?... friends don't bola.. heheheheh -joke! Tiwala ako sa'yo kaya tinatanong kita. :-)

    Pareho pala tayo, gusto ang simpleng buhay. Tama ang sabi mo, basta't may makakain sa araw-araw.. kasama ang mga mahal sa buhay.. malapit sa Diyos.. maraming kaibigan.. walang kaaway.. at sapat na pera na magagamit sa iba pang kakailanganin. Tungkol naman sa mga problema, kaakibat na yan sa buhay. Pero kaya natin yan basta't kapit kay God! Di ba?:-)

    Tama ka dyan >> "...yung baby ko at hubby ko sa isang blog, sila ang dahilan kung bakit araw-araw lubos-lubos ang pasasalamat ko sa blessings ni Lord." I like your attitude towards life and living. Ganun din ako, lagi nagpapasalamat sa Lord natin for all the blessings he pours into my life and my children's. Kasi kung wala Siya, wala tayo! :-)

    Take care always. Tsaka kahit na mahirap dyan (tulad din naman dito) -- always have hope. Hindi natutulog ang nasa itaas! And as you yourself say ... "live and enjoy "the NOW".. --Way to go, girl! :-)

    Oh yes, let's keep in touch. Wala nang pipigil nyan Lols! :-) God bless you and your family.


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