Thursday, September 24, 2009


We never can comprehend the magnificence of our God. See all the love, mercy, care, blessing, healing, provision, protection, forgiveness, guidance that God delights in pouring out upon us each day.

Savor it, receive it, rejoice in it, grow in it, serve with it, and remember to appreciate it with the fullness of childlike humility honesty sincerity and gratitude from the heart.

Understand how very blessed we are. Because we truly are!


  1. Yes, We r truly blessed ..:) and how sweet to see u back .. z;0 Thanks ellen..:)

    ANd plz collect ur awards frm my blog ..:)


  2. Thank you, dear Pramz. :-)

    Heyy.. what is that 'award' you speak of? Now you have me intrigued. Lols! I'm flying over to your blog now. :-)


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