Thursday, September 24, 2009


The other day someone said to me 'Love reading you.' I thanked the person and smiled carrying those words in my heart. It could mean two things really: she loves the writing -- or -- she loves seeing 'me (or bits of me, she thinks; curious aye? hehehe..)' in those lines that I write.

A writer can be both. Because a writer true to his calling and passion will only write from the heart. Life, within and without, as seen through his eyes translates itself unto the printed page. But why does a writer write?

In pursuing a 'passion', you don't bother to ask why. You simply relish enjoy - delight in the process. But writer or not, when you feel that you have something to say and you feel that nudge in your heart, go ahead and say it or write it. Just be sure that it's something which will bring a smile to another person's heart or day.

God's gifts are meant to bring joy and smiles into your life and if allowed -- to somebody else's life too. :-) God bless you!!


  1. Very nice motivation ellen..Yeah, a writer shall create feelings..I believe it .. :)

    Thanks for this

  2. Yeah, Pramz, writing with the heart is a lot easier, honest, truthful, and satisfying. :-) No walls, no fences, but just who we are with our pen and paper. :-)


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