Thursday, September 24, 2009


I said this to someone recently who was suffering a setback:

"Nope, you don't always get what you want in life. Not always. But when you get the chance, try to you look hard at what's happening, you'll see that it's for a very good reason.

Oh maybe you won't understand why now, but at some point in the future when the dust has settled and you look back to today... you will see and understand. Because by some Divine Design, it always works out well for your good in the end."

You know, it always does. By some strange design, everything has its reason for being. Everything that goes on in your life was put there for a reason. Yeah, good and bad. But the lessons are there for us to learn. And learn them well, we should.


  1. IN Life, we may nt get what we want, but we always get what we need ..

    :) Very well said ellen.. positive l iving is a real bless, not all can do it .:)

  2. Hi Pramz,

    Righto! we always get what we need. God sure knows his job. :-) He never misses a target.

  3. Ellen,

    Read all 4 posts now. I will give my views here only. It is true that God knows what to give us and we should always be thankful for that. We do have to live life for some fun too. I agree one must follow heart in matters of art - writing or painting. It is good to be busy but not that busy also as not to enjoy little things which give us pleasure. There is always a reason why God gives us what God does and it is for our benefit only. I read in one of blogs here that a man lost his job during this recession as he refused to do something unethical asked by his boss. Though he had a rough time but year down the line he escaped jail term when all misdeeds of that company were found and persons involved arrested.

    Take care

    PS : I have put 3 posts of 4 through which I plan to advise youngsters that one has to be cautious and follow conscience. I will be too glad to have your views on these.

  4. Hi Elen,
    You are a very optimistic person. We often say here whatever happens for good. I have often thought that in hindsight after getting out of a difficulty.

  5. Thank you for your interesting insights, Jack. I look forward to them each time.

    By the way, 'have gone to your blog and left message for you there. All three posts/stories caught my full attention.

    Have a good day! :-)

  6. Hi Indrasish,

    Nice to see you again. I hope all's well at your end. Thank you for your visit and message. Do have a blessed day.. and week. See you around. :-)

  7. Hi Ellen,

    I agree to what you have mentioned. May be all what happens is a part of Divine Design and will ultimately turn in our favor. But don't you agree that by thinking that way, we loose a lot from present while we feel low, we have let-downs, fears for future etc and all this for our present not being designed so well.

  8. Hello Jigs,

    Oh the piece refers to a situation in a person's life when the experience of setbacks, unexpected and unintentional, occur. And no explanation whatsoever can be seen or found for it. So resigned and helpless and left with no choice we tend to accept the situation, bear it out or see it through, like it or not.

    Situations like this do happen to everyone not by choice - neither is it planned for. And it goes far beyond our normal understanding and against our human preferences - desires - or expectations.

    We must try to see it in the light of our deep personal belief in a Divine Being who stands Master over everything in life and creation. We believe in God, don't we? Since we acknowledge Him to be our God who holds supreme over all things and that we are His children, surely we should understand that He would cause only good things to happen to us. But He does things His way -- and not the way we much prefer or like. His way is truly unfathomable by small human minds. Ordinary mortals are only asked to have the faith (even faith as small as that of a 'mustard seed') to believe that He holds us in the palm of His hands and cares for us like no other can or will. Everything that He does for us is always for our good.

    With this enlightened understanding of how things work, I don't think that we would lose anything of or from our present, no matter its dire circumstance or situation. Because we would still continue to strive and persevere - be strong - have hope and courage - keep the good faith - and staunchly believe that everything will work out well in the end... according to God's grace, mercy, and divine will. As we believe in faith, so too must we continue with the work of our hands... and not simply stand still and do nothing. As we do so we must never allow ourselves to be defeated by anxieties, doubts, fears, or worries... but must stand rooted to the ground of firm faith.

    Because truly....
    " ..... by some Divine Design, it always works out well for your good in the end. "

    God bless you with peace, joy, and happiness, Jigyasa.

  9. Hey Ellen,

    How is the flood situation there? Read in news that it's bad. Hope you and your family is safe.


  10. Thank you for your kind concern and thoughtfulness, Sridhar. :-) So typical of you! We're fine up here in the mountains of Antipolo. But some areas even here were affected by catch basin waters caused by the unusually heavy rains. Thanks again. Take care. God bless you and your family.


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