Friday, September 4, 2009


My neighborhood is an average one and small. This is a subdivision settled at the foot by the side of a mountain range in my city that nestles atop it - Antipolo. Here, where I have made my home, one sees about dozens of modest houses sitting side by side and housing families within carrying on with the regular routines of each day. A paved road ragged in some areas winds round the neighborhood up hill and down and leads out to the main gate passing the guardhouse where a sentry stands watch day and night. And mingled with the houses are trees lush and green dotting the place everywhere you look. Adding to the green landscape are mini gardens fronting almost every home lining almost every street. If not a garden, in lieu would be potted plants neatly set in a row. Nice and green.

I love this place. And I wish that life and people were so much the same – serene, calm, and peaceful. But it isn’t. Life as we know it is an interesting tapestry of ecstatic moments, surprises, near mishaps, misfortunes, fragmented dreams, and challenges. And people --- are just as diverse as that fascinating mix we call life.

So I like studying people. There is so much I can learn from watching them. They teach me things and stuff I would have not given any thought to at all; they inspire me to be better than I could ever be; they show me how to understand my own weaknesses and strengths by looking at theirs; they tell me what hope is by their show of courage and faith through trials; they increase my knowledge and wisdom by their own display of wit and intelligence; they remind me to laugh by their humor and delight over mundane things; and too understand my own foolishness by watching them stumble with theirs. When I see them in their human form, the complete package of mind, body and soul God so designed --- I see me, myself, and mine. And I begin to understand that we are each at best both teachers and students to one another.


  1. Ellen,

    How true. By observing others we learn a lot. Even a small child who may not yet be in a position to speak conveys needs based on observations made. I really liked the setting of your place. So quiet and peaceful. May you all have good life always.

    Take care

  2. HI Ellen,

    Its always a pleasure to read ur posts.:)

    **They teach me things and stuff I would have not given any thought to at all

    Yeah.. i agreee completly...:) Most of my posts i write by observing the people around me..:)

    **I begin to understand that we are each at best both teachers and students to one another.

    ahhh..I too agree.. Hey..Advanced happy teacher's day.. tomorrow is teacher's day in India..just wanna know, Do u celebrate such day in Philippies?

    :) Take care

  3. your works are really beautiful and so is your choice of pictures.

  4. Thank you, Jack. :-) So nice to see you. Blessings to you and your family always.

  5. Thank you, Pramoda. :-) lovely to see your message.

    Well, there is a month wholly dedicated to honor the teaching profession. But it's not a holiday. Instead, several activities are prepared by every school to honor the day for competitions, programs, parades, celebrations, etc. Teaching is a noble profession and I admire teachers and the work that they do. :-)

  6. Welcome, Suryagni!

    It is a pleasure to see you here in my blog. And thank you for your kind words. Thanks truly for dropping by. The honor and delight is all mine, I assure you. :-)

    May God bless you and your family.

  7. Welcome to my blog, Nahl! :-) It's a pleasure to see you here. Thank you for liking the piece. Hope to see you around, here or in your blog. You have a nice blog indeed. :-)


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