Saturday, December 7, 2013






What a quote-filled morning to start the day with. My good friend, Mr. Quote Man, is quite obsessed with packing my inbox with ideas which he thinks would or could block the proverbial 'writer's block' as a convenient excuse. A writer himself he probably knows what he's talking about. Understood that pretty well, my friend. Intent and effort is truly appreciated and which shall be put to good use... that is, if sitting by the window and communing with mother nature does not take the better part of my morning. :-)

With about six good quotes he sent me I plucked this one out because it is something which I think would resonate well with most of us. To quote.......

"Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, 
just remember how far you have come. 
Remember everything you have faced, 
all the battles you have won, 
and all the fears you have overcome."   
---  Author Unknown

Had a brief chat with a friend just recently. I was touched by her sadness over the way things were running in her life. I need not go over the details here, suffice it to say that she felt up against a huge wall..... and needed a 'sounding board' to air out her frustration. To help get the load off her chest. To cut a long story short, she seemed fine after that 'healing' moment. A beautiful precious bond good friends in wonderful friendships offer to one another in blessed kinship.

But it made me think. Life is tough. None is spared by its troubles. We get them all. Maybe differing in size, shape, intensity, reason, cause, or even purpose of which I want to think is for our better good, growth, maturity. But we don't always understand it that way. We don't seem to get it most times that it's how it works.... the hurt, pain, bruises, tears, disappointments, frustrations, angst, confusion, desperation, bewilderment.... we have to go through it all. Not nice, very inconvenient and not exactly user-friendly.

But I have learned in my own journey that I needed to stop the ranting, the heaving, the trying....   and just STOP. And breathe. Just breathe. And when the dust settles where everything (issues, obstacles, etc) goes back to its place and sits there grateful not to be unnecessarily roused to hyperactivity --------- something beautiful happens. Calmness flows through your whole being like the hand of God touching your soul and saying........

'Rest. Be still. Know that I am GOD.'

Wish you all a lovely day. Count your blessings. It's all there in your day. Because God loves you and blesses you with it every time.


  1. Your posts never fail to inspire me, comfort me and tell me that I'm not alone. Same goes for this! :D
    Keep it up.
    Thankyou :)

    1. Keep on believing, Aqsa, that troubles are not and never is the monopoly of one. We all have our troubles but how we deal with it is our diversity. Another thing which we all commonly share is ... we survive. Either because we have learned well from it as a choice ... or ... a wonderful Divine Presence mercifully intervened. Or both.

      You are not alone... never was .. never is .. never will be.

      God bless you.


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