Friday, December 6, 2013


Sitting here by the window quietly by myself is a wonderful feel. It's that part of the day when everything has come to waking while some early-bird humans are already into the day with their hands filling up with to-do lists. Mine is just being still... just being... just being here. As mother nature carries on a conversation outside my window I watch and listen......... trees content swaying in the breeze, sun cheerily bouncing its warmth on the leaves of such great diversity of color shape and size... birds flitting here and there atop branches in the midst of a chirpy symphony praising the day... sky undecided if it should be clear or messed up with jolly clouds but finally deciding it doesn't matter at all.

Wonderful morning!

Such precious moment. Nothing to mess up your brain with nor something to crank up your heart with in weary toil. No tiny irritating odds and ends gnawing at your calm nor pressure villains telling you to do-this-or-else.

Peace. Content. Happy. Feeling closer to the Divine.


  1. Time you enjoy doing nothing but watching nature,birds and bees,plants and flowers is not time wasted at all.You have lived life savouring unhurriedly the beauty in common things.

    1. I agree, KP. The time of hurrying and scurrying to-and-fro is now long past and gone. The children have all now grown and I am on the journey to life's sunset. I intend to enjoy the view down the boulevard and bask in all of its glory. Amazingly still much to be discovered.

      Thank you for dropping by and for the comment. Truly appreciate it.


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