Sunday, December 1, 2013


Outside my window in the living room is the lot of my good neighbor Celia (not her true name). It's filled with trees -- mango, duhat, langka, avocado -- which branches are lush with green leaves. A lovely sight for sore eyes. And such a wonderful sight to see first thing in the morning on waking.

But I too have a tree (the Mast Tree)...  a solitary one rising tall and strong, not the wide expansive kind, but one that grows up like a straight rod reaching for the sky. Except that it goes through a regular trimming at the top so that it won't rise to unmanageable heights. On this fine morning I noticed on the lower part of my tree there right on the fringes of its leaf-covered thread-like branches a tiny dance going on. The pointed-shaped leaves were swaying gently like a lovely couple sashaying on the dance floor in a gentle waltz. Amazingly as the rest of the tall tree remained straight rod-like and motionlessly tall and unbending.... as it is on the season of hot windless summer days.

You think that isn't possible? Well, it is...  and it's right there before my eyes. This went on for just a few seconds and then finally the rest of the tree joined in as the breeze finally decided to include it in the morning dance.

This is one of those rare precious moments Mother Nature allows you to see. But there is a prerequisite to the rare privilege granted.... that you be still and pay close attention.

Remember what God said.....  'Be still and know that I am God.' 
Say to yourself ---  'This is going to be a terrific day.'  .... because it is and will be! Thank God for such a lovely gift!

Good morning, folks! Be blessed and stay blessed.


  1. There is beauty all around us. Nature makes Her presence felt in wonderful ways - all we need to do to witness miracles is keep our eyes and ears open and just believe :)

    1. Divya! How lovely to see you! :-) Yes, you are right..... 'Nature makes Her presence felt in wonderful ways.' .. Thank you for dropping by and for your message.

      Blessings for always!


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