Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Mr. Quote Man thought this a good quote and sent it to my inbox...........................  

 "Don't judge me by MY PAST. I don't live there ANYMORE" 
-- Unknown

Yes, it is a good one but I have learned this much too that people generally tend to judge a person by his or her past more than anything else. People have always been that way.. it's human nature.. it's also a human flaw.. it's also a myopic view of life. People do not think in terms of  'what if' ... but rather of 'what has been'. Sad but true. To ask people not to judge by one's past is like aiming for the moon. Only the magnanimous of heart are capable of sifting through the past and understanding what it sees there and then moving on to the present and appreciating it for what it's truly worth. But that, unfortunately, is a rare gift.

And is I think one lesson in life which we are meant to learn and relearn -- if but again and again until we finally get it. To understand best that people do change over time. And that whatsoever you so choose to be is all up to you. But certainly change will get you there.


  1. People change over time but I feel it isn't easy to forgive a person for past mistakes - perhaps, one mistake can be forgotten but what if the person has made the same mistake 'n' number of times? It isn't that easy...

    Also I feel people see you in the same way as you see them - what goes around comes around. If a person is "bad", he/she has their reasons for being so....The past always influences your present either in a good way or not...But yes there is always a choice - we can choose to be the people we want to be and it's okay to be judged for the choices we make or the choices we've made in the past...We just need to learn to live with the consequences of ALL actions undertaken by us :)

    1. Well said, Divya. :-) Have been to your blog and read your new post; left comment there too. That was an interesting piece. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about 'dementors'. Have a good dementor-free day. :-)

  2. People are always not what they were.The circumstances or the wisdom acquired changes people.I have firm faith that even a bad guy can reform and turn to be good.We should not judge them by the past but by the present.
    Likewise good guys too change by bad association.One has to judge by what they are today

    1. "The circumstances or the wisdom acquired changes people." -- That is so true! It is nice seeing you again, KP... thank you and too for sharing your thoughts.

      Wishing for you a great day today.
      Blessings to you and your loved ones.


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