Monday, March 10, 2014



Here's something Milton Berle said which is so charmingly positive in every way you look at it. It's the spirit of hope, faith, courage, potential, possibility, and the attitude of --- 'Yes I can..  but if perchance I don't make it, at least I tried!'

Here's to quote.....

"I'd rather be a ‘COULD-BE’  if I cannot be an ‘ARE’;  because a ‘COULD BE’  is a MAYBE who is reaching for a star.  I'd rather be a ‘HAS-BEEN‘  than a ‘MIGHT-HAVE-BEEN’, by far;
for a ‘MIGHT-HAVE-BEEN’  has never ‘BEEN’,  but a ‘HAS’  was once an ‘ARE’. "


So this is addressed to all young striving people out there -- don't give up on your dreams. Time is not an essential to those who do not set limits to growth and dreams. Whittle at your dreams as an artist would carve wood into an object day by day. Small effort perhaps but these incremental steps will eventually take you to where you want to go. Keep your dream alive.

Have a good week, folks! May God bless the dreams in your hearts.



  1. That was an inspiring post though it could be addressed old striving people too!!
    Life is empty without a dream to work upon

    1. Oh you bet it was meant for everyone. But it was written with one young friend in mind who needed a little nudge.

      Old is just a number on the chart whatever kind of chart that is. And dreams don't choose its dreamer.

      Thank you for dropping by, KP. As usual always ready with your friendship and wisdom. Both are much appreciated.


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