Sunday, March 16, 2014


It's a fine sunny morning and I'm getting more of what I love....  blue skies, green trees, warm sun, and a cool refreshing wind. Thank you!

'Thank you' to WHO or WHOM? Whichever rides well for our Grammar Nazis. But do please carry on; we all got our jobs to do, respectively.

Well, apparently you know who I'm thanking for my lovely day. Not only for the lovely day but for waking me up, feeling good, being in my own home and with my precious family, for food on my table, for clothes on my back, shoes for my feet, and a smiling wallet.... not much in there but enough to make me smile.

There's one other thing I'm also grateful for. 'Life isn't a bed of roses' as an old cliche goes but as I look back now I can honestly say that I'm thankful for the thorns too.

Oh I know that isn't easy. Not easy when you one day find yourself in the midst of a failed relationship, a broken bone, losing someone you love, a misfortune, a broken dream, or just very bad bad people who made life even much more miserable for you.

Now don't use science or intellectualize that pain or suffering. It's not all about  'why me?'  or  'why this?'  because nothing of those will explain it as it was not meant for that in the first place. It's for something bigger... much bigger. By some Supreme Design.

To cut a long story short, as gold is refined through great heat or fire.... so are we. And the point of it all? --- To make us become our better selves. In human history, to get to a point of glory one goes through some conflict, struggle, or strife. That is the same in our ordinary small mundane lives here in our respective tiny little corners of the world. 

Who has not become a --- wiser, more mature, broadminded and understanding, better able to be kind and compassionate towards others, better able to comprehend the complexities of life and people --- after going through an experience of suffering, affliction, misery, conflict, or adversity? Admit it, it opens doors to the mind, heart, and soul. Things you haven't fully understood before is now somehow better understood. Suffering helps us build our character. And that, I believe, is the Supreme Design.

And if perchance that some understanding isn't there yet, well... I hate to say this but God isn't finished with you or me or him or her or them or us... yet.

Still, thank God even through your pain. There's a bigger plan to it. Pray for faith, trust, discernment and understanding.

May the blessings of God be upon you and your families in this Lenten observance and season. God bless you!


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