Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Ellen A. Santos Diaz's photo.Ellen A. Santos Diaz's photo.

Ellen A. Santos Diaz's photo.Ellen A. Santos Diaz's photo.
Saw this in last Sunday's paper and I think it's worthy to note.......

To quote:

"It's easy to interpret the comments of others as discouragement but that would only be one interpretation. Listen with an optimistic ear. Challenge yourself to find a positive take-away from everything you here."


Mom would always remind me long ago to be aware that "life is not perfect no matter how you try or want it to be. So to help you get through it in one piece, learn to steer your thoughts and attitude down the road of positivity."

Not always an easy task and I found that out as I began my own journey through life. The impressionable innocent gullible years are the hardest to pass through. Because everything thought, said, or done would and does matter... particularly when you think that it's you who is the object of deserved or undeserved attention. You react by being hurt, miserable, angry, embarrassed, shamed, bullied. But you never do anything about it, really. You simply become so busy feeling sorry for yourself or hating them.

And mom's words would ring through my head like a hard kick in the butt. Mothers have their ways, indeed. And so I got me my positivity. How? Learning and even so much more learning. Reading and even so much more reading. Thinking, feeling, observing, understanding, writing. Each being part of the other to create that which I aimed for.

Still not an easy task because life and people are as diverse as the books on my shelf and yet still interestingly so. And to get the most out of it is to see it with a serious and honest intent to enrich your life with it.

To enrich in the dictionary means ----- 'to improve or enhance the quality or value of'.  Don't you think that as quite a good step towards positivity?

'Life is tough but people tougher' .... a cliche but let's twixt it a bit with this -------- 'Life is tough but positive people tougher'.

Have a great day, people! God pours out blessings upon you all, your families, and your homes. Enjoy it!


  1. Life is tough...If everything was so easy, it would be so boring. We are met with challenges to learn some valuable lessons...Our outlook makes all the difference in the world...It isn't easy, all the time, to look at the bright aspects of things or to stay optimistic always but as long as one has the will to experience each moment fully and completely, it is bound to pass and open up a newer avenue :-)

    1. Very good words, Divya. I like this line best..... ".....Our outlook makes all the difference in the world....." - So true! :-)

      So nice to see you! 'Been quite awhile. Hope all's well at your side of the world. Take care. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Ahhhh... Life is tough or easy depends on who is sailing with you ...isnt?

    1. Yes but not solely or entirely :-) ... because life truly is a journey of one. But we get or gather interesting snippets along the way to help ease our burden or inject diversity to experiences encountered.

      Lovely to see you, Chakoli. Wish you blessings beyond measure.


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