Tuesday, March 18, 2014


But also be careful.........

So many, I have observed, are struggling with self-esteem (confidence in one's own worth or abilities)... the lack of it in both the young and old alike. Nope, it's not the monopoly of the young alone as some perceive it to be. Adults have it too but have learned how to mask it with bravado, seeming flamboyance, even worked up their ego to high gear to make up for the lack. 'Normal', as my teacher would say long ago, 'but that doesn't have to be'.

Through the course of my growing-up years I have struggled with that, too. Made so much more intense by the presence of meanness which some people are amazingly quite capable of. They have this knack of making you feel so flawed, imperfect, meaningless, obscure. Directly or indirectly or as some do without even saying a word.

But thanks to a wonderful mother who never failed to remind me and made sure I understood it that ......

'A person's bad behavior towards you does not reflect on who you are but on him or her where the badness is coming from'.

She added.....  'You define yourself with what you do with yourself with your God-given talents and abilities ... Not with what others do to you. So unleash your light and shine it out to the world and the universe. God will bless you with even so much more.'

Mom was right, you know. God does not make junk. When HE created us HE made sure that we be equipped with everything we would be needing to live our earthly lives with peace and joy. We are His MASTERPIECE.

To enjoy that, we must KNOW that. Look within and see who you truly are, by God's design.

Wishing you a blessed Lenten season.

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