Tuesday, March 11, 2014


NUDGE NOTE #8,  2014

As we are now in the season of Lent, each in our individual ways we engage in prayer (along with other traditional observances of the Holy Week) as each day is ticked off by the Lenten Clock. Mr. Quote Man sent to my inbox this tiny lovely quote by Mahatma Gandhi,

to quote:

'The sky may be overcast today with clouds, but a fervent prayer to God  is enough to dispel them.  Prayer is not idle amusement. Properly understood and applied,  it is the most potent instrument of action.'


Allow me my thoughts this fine morning.....

We all stand connected and nothing describes that connection so well as in friendship. But sadly we can't be there up close every time it's needed that we be there for someone. Life with all its drama puts down reasons sometimes we can't avoid nor understand.

Mom, bless her soul, made sure that I understood that line very well since the day I began to learn my ABC's .... that prayer is 'the most potent instrument of action'.

Believe me, when God sees you as inclined to prayer He sends the reason for a prayer. One need not look far but right where you are can be found a person, a stranger or a friend, who might be needing a tiny prayer or two to get through the day or life.

Basically, we're all the same. We eat problems for breakfast. It may differ in size, shape, color, intensity, flavor, degree, difference or reason but all the same in its job of challenging the heart, mind, body, and soul. We deal with it in many various and diverse ways too ... bare and open to the world or quietly behind the four walls of our homes or in the silent corners of our hearts. And the one lingering thought is too the same.... a wish for help. But no matter our perceived strength sometimes God dishes the ego with one clean sweep. For a very wise purpose.

Let us be generous with prayer. There is always a reason for prayer. Because at some point in our crazy lives we will be sent that reason for a prayer or to pray. But God teaches us this singular potent instrument as our pillar of strength ... A powerful tool to use generously, freely, compassionately. Prayer.

Let us twixt a familiar cliche a bit this way....... Life is tough BUT prayerful people are tougher.

God bless you with faith, strength, peace, joy and everything good for you to enjoy this wonderful God-sent gift of TODAY.

(Thanks, Mr. Quote Man, for the quote and the internet for the lovely images.)

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