Sunday, April 13, 2014


A good friend of many years was ranting on the phone apparently pissed off by another friend’s behavior.  She sounded hurt and angry.  But to know what to say to her I had to get to the bottom of it first, I had to ask why. Well, if she called me then she would be willing to tell that much, right? And so I asked.

The gist of the problem was that the other friend didn’t respond positively to my friend’s dilemma as the latter expected her to. To cut a long story short, the matter wasn’t thoroughly resolved as I had found out later as emotions were still running high on the emotional chart but at least she left our chat with a few things which perhaps and I hope would help shed some enlightenment.

That can be quite a problem to many of us. We each deal with the world and with life through our own eyes, understanding, and perception. We heap on a lot of expectations on a lot of things. That’s the human way as we’re often told. We see the world and people as we are and not through somebody else’s eyes. Now that means there are millions of 'as we are' out there colliding in this same world we all share. But diversity in our world is an interesting and wonderful thing as it lends color to our existence. Imagine without it how boring life can be.

Yet that can also create a problem or two when it runs against individuals who are typically diverse in character and personality to each other and unexpectedly find themselves in a situation one day. Like my friend had just experienced.

All around us every day we see a continuing exchange or interplay of everything that is human interaction..... such as diverse situations, personalities, experiences, events, dealings, connections, relations, associations and even so much more. We get so involved in it. It can be quite overwhelming sometimes and can drain the senses down to low... very low. Thus our coping engine will and would sputter or gasp maybe even breakdown. But as human flaw would dictate it we would lash out in the only way we know how.... our emotions. I know because I do. And experience shows that in most cases it’s an easy formula to fail.

And so I have learned that life is not always about me. Nope, it’s not about you either. It’s about us - everybody...  trying to live this life the best way we can individually and collectively by truly learning to understand each have your own mind, beliefs, preferences, and conditioning as I have mine, too. All is valid. Peace as we embrace our differences. Even in diversity beauty can reside, by God's design.

Here's something I saw online..... to quote

"If you feel hurt, angry or upset at the actions of others,
realize that every individual is acting 
according to his own mind,
with its prejudices, beliefs and conditioning. Each person
would have acted that way even if it were someone else
instead of you.  Thus, do not take their actions personally."


Have a pleasant and blessed weekend, everyone. God bless you all.


  1. I agree with you.The last quote is very apt.Thanks

    1. Thank you for your visit and comment.
      May the good Lord bless you and your family.


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