Tuesday, April 29, 2014


So what's on my mind today?


When they say that the 'eyes are the windows of the soul' ---- none else can be truer than that.

Do you know why I love watching people anywhere-anyplace ... even if the noise created by such maddening crowd will make you want out of there pronto? It's because I get a better understanding of the person - the individual - the two-legged mammal which can cause so much joy and at the same time pain on this planet. It's also because I can see myself reflected in every person in every many diverse ways thus leading me to a better understanding of myself .... both in the good and in the bad which I see.

We're all the same no matter how much one tries to be different. But in that sense being different means that some of us are simply more inclined towards expression and perception than the rest. But none better or lesser than the other. Different folks, different strokes. Further, I believe that we each have allotted talents fitting to our nature. Life then is spent pursuing or giving expression to this gift of talent in every which way we think fit. Basically we are all the same.

But the eyes can be different in every person.

In a person's eyes you can see the world... well, his tiny part of the world. His life..... his personal space. All the emotions feelings and expressions of a life lived wonderfully or poorly are gathered there in his eyes. Even his thoughts insights or perceptions are reflected there. The eyes ... says it all.  Its holder unaware just how much is revealed.

It's his soul which speaks.

And when the soul speaks nothing can hide it, neutralize it, subdue it, nor prevent it from saying what it wants to say.  It hides not a man's light or if man has been careless with it .. his darkness, too. 

Nurture the soul and it will speak of  kindness, love, faith, joy, peace, harmony, and everything good and beautiful. The Soul, essence of our existence, links back to its DIVINE CREATOR and rests in truth as ordained.

Today is a very special day --- a wonderful gift from God. He woke us up this morning!! Blessings, everyone.


  1. Ellen,

    Visiting after a long time. Read 2 posts. I fully agree that one should be what one is instead of aping someone. And also make all efforts to overcome own flaws. Eyes never lie. You can make out if a person is telling false things just by the way his eyes behave.

    Take care

    1. So wonderful to see you visiting again, Jack. Know that you have been missed. I hope everything is fine at your end with everybody doing well. Especially I wish you all the very best in health and joy, God bless you and your loved ones.


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