Sunday, April 6, 2014


I heard a bird chirping outside my window. In fact, I heard many as if joined in concert at this early time of day. But this one sang beautifully a melody all its own. I sat still in my chair trying not to miss a single note. It blew my heart away I didn’t dare to breathe nor move, then images began to form of ------ flowing streams, rivers, seas, and waterfalls, of glistening water gurgling merrily down its way....... of gentle breeze swirling down hills and meadows of green and gold....... of infinite blue skies heedless of walls and borders....... of placid clouds softly gliding through the wide blue space...... of a smiling sun hugging all of life with its warmth....... of cool gentle waves hugging the sandy shores....... of tall graceful trees swaying in the wind...... of hills, valleys, ridges, cliffs, and mountain tops........ and of a girl quietly sitting by the window enthralled by a bird’s morning song and the pleasant magnificent memories nudged to life by it.

What joy is made of!

And oh by the way, have a pleasant weekend, friends! Blessings to you all.

(Thanks to the internet for these beautiful images.)

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