Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Friends say that I don’t talk much in a group the opposite of what I do with my pen. They are correct... I don’t. Because I would rather listen... observe... understand... learn. After all if you would listen to them talking they might as well be saying your same thoughts on a chosen subject. The diversity of the group assures me that at least one would mirror my own perceptions or insight. So I need not eat up space which they would gladly take over anyway.

You’ll always find a match, your match, with someone out there... someone who would share your thoughts though maybe not exactly but differently in a most interesting way. I like that because it affords me to look at the same old things in a new way which I may not have explored on my own.

Interestingly everybody is a story. The questions of who-what-when-where-why-how unfold and are played with exact preciseness as in a stage or screen play. One paying attention would know how it begins, continues, and finally ends. If things go wrong somewhere in the story you simply go back to the WWWWWH questions and pluck out the right question that could possibly lead to the right answer. 

And I have learned that paying attention to a person is acknowledging that person’s right to life and everything which life creates tailored to his uniqueness. Ignoring a person is something like pushing that person back to nothingness, like pushing him back to a void which has this unnerving knack of making him want to blend with it and finally he convinced disappears into it.

Nobody is boring, maybe bland, straight, worn and weary, unhappy, sad, lonely, frustrated, disappointed, broken-hearted, fearful, confused, quietly miserable; too the opposite positive side of that spectrum and perhaps even so much more unpleasant things one may not even want to know. But that is just the stuff stories are made of. And listening to their stories tells you one great thing ....... People, we are all the same basically where it matters most --- Being human.


  1. we are all the same basically where it matters most --- Being huma
    This sums up the things you had so nicely said.
    In a group however if you have something to say,you must give vocal expression to it instead of being silent making others wonder what your views are.

    1. Well, I have no problem with that, KP, because I am in the company of close friends and we most always operate on the same wavelengths. They do not wonder about my views-- they know.

      In a group of strangers I let them have the stage because I find them more interesting... and I learn a lot that way. No need to air my views, unless pressed for, because I would rather write about it after the dust have settled, so to speak.

      So nice to see you drop by. Thank you for your visit and for your comment. Truly all appreciated. God bless you and your loved ones.


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