Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The other day I heard someone say that life was 'boring - boring - boring!'. Yeah, he said that three times. And he was right inside the mall with all possible distractions that could take a person's mind off cares and woes even if it be for just a few hours. Well, so what makes for 'boring'? I could venture a few descriptons, like --- absence of activity, lack of interest, dearth of inspiration, scarcity of surprises, or decline of hope and belief in life and living. Everybody has his own reason, I am sure, but valid or not it still is no excuse for giving up on feeling alive.

Alive - that is the one big word that explains everything and anything there is in our life. Anything means the good, the bad, the sorry, and the glad -- and everything else in between all that. It includes all the people you meet - the goodies and the baddies and yah some in-betweens too.

And yet despite a ful plate we still get to be bored. Why is that?

It's because.. we lost something somewhere back there.

I think what we need is to gain it back -- that special something we once had or were when we knew how to --- marvel, be in awe, feel the stars in our eyes, laugh with gless at a big surprise, feel the adrenalin rush in our veins, feel our steps quicken, or hear the warm thumpity-thump of our heart for someone or something.

It's something you can't fully explain but I think you don't need to anyway. it's enough that it brings the sparkle in your eyes, puts a gorgeous smile on your face, makes you feel up there on cloud 9, or walk about with a song in your head and heart -- or maybe sing in the rain. It's this wonderful joyous sense of living.

It's magic!

And everybody needs a little, and more if you can, MAGIC in their lives. So get back the magic into your life. See life and the world as --- magic and magical. You can if you try. It's all up to you. Don't lose that little kid inside. :-)


Just in case you wonder, am blogging from the net cafe this time. Lols! :-)


  1. Thank you.I have already started searching for the magic along with the wand though I am not bored.A quote I read:"Life is short, break the rules, forgive sooner, love with true love, laugh without control and always keep smiling." This magic will keep away boredom.
    Nicely written article

  2. nte cafe magic in ur life.. ehe :) may u get the connection soon at ur home..

    :) Yeah..i too need some magic in my life..but yaa some magics can be done by one's ownself. before expecting any magic from someone, oe should accomplish his own task of doind magic..:)

    nice one Ellen..

  3. Hi KP,

    Oh I don't doubt you at all. I think you can see magic everywhere you go. Through your eyes the world is simply magical. :-)

    Have a lovely and magical day!
    Thanks for coming by. :-)

  4. Thanks, Prams,

    Yeah, I hope so too.. and soon. lols!

    Hey I like what you said -- "..before expecting any magic from someone, one should accomplish his own task of doing magic.. :) ". :-)

    Thank you for dropping by with your lovely message. See ya soon!

  5. OMG. I can use all the magic in the world right now. ha hah.

    but everyday is magic, its how you make your life and how you see life in your own magical way...

    me ,being a full time mom and a wife, some may think it'll be hard to feel all that magic but no...I always find my self, amazed with my son's laughter, how he managed to play alone and just laugh and laugh...and gave me probably 20-30 times hugs and kisses in a day...

    for me, THAT'S MAGIC!

    Very very nice post Ate Ellen...
    it made my night :)

  6. Hi Khel/Gratitude,

    Yup, you sure do! The magic is very much alive in you. You're amazing. :-) 'Tis my huge pleasure to meet and know you. Thanks for dropping by. Your presence lights up my page. Take care and God bless!


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