Monday, January 21, 2008


In the hustle and bustle of living, many people cut across our way or breeze down our territory for some known or unknown reason. Perhaps God knows why or perhaps for something which the Universe conspires to cause in our life. In my small world there are such people but… I’m excluding the junk man, the newspaper boy, the mailman, the power guy, the phone guy, the water guy, and the wash woman who comes twice a week to do the laundry. Maybe include too the neighbors to that list because they simply are there meaning that they function as neighbors, period. But on second thought, that is purpose too, isn’t it? :-D

Well, let’s leave that and now come to the interesting part. I say interesting because it’s out of the ordinary run of everyday life and things. Sometimes a very special event makes its way to your door. But and this is the best part…. This is carried on the shoulders of a very special person. This someone who isn’t a person you get to see everyday or ordinarily deal with in the times of your life --- except for this one special moment or moments.

Through the years there have been individuals with that special quality. Men and women, old and young, rich and poor – makes no matter because it’s not the looks, position, wealth, or education that brought them to that very special spot. Whether that person is well endowed with such material attribute or attributes, still it won’t make a dent nor add to what has already effectively and superbly transpired.

I’m talking about KIND HEARTS and GENEROUS SOULS.

Need I say more? I think you get the idea.

What I want to say is – cherish these good people in your life. They’re like moonbeams and starry skies that take your breath away or gorgeous flowers in bloom which can brighten up any landscape anytime of day or a Christmas wish in summer when everybody else has stored their Christmas stockings away. They can bring both a smile and a tear to your eyes… and still feel very happy bout it. They present you with new hope, new dreams, new faith, and new joys. What they do somehow creates a bridge to that something which you find hard to achieve in the midst of a brewing ‘storm’. In a huge manner it restores your trust and confidence in life and people as a whole – the goodness therein which on some occasions seem to be quite obscure and vague. It’s that goodness which is being battered and buried deep beneath a mounting pile of rubble and garbage heaped on it by men and women of changing values in changing times. Intrinsic goodness is now passé. Smart and shrewd is ‘in’ they say. But I say goodness is still smart and shrewd with the right and genuine intention, honest motivation or reason, and cause. And some persons have a very special way with it. Luckily quite a good few have come my way through the years and recently.

I remember as a kid, my mom would say pointing out an extraordinary character…. ‘Remember that person well, he is good. Ask God to bless him!’ (Or ‘her’) That certainly would stir up my curiosity making me ask mother ‘why’. Then she would tell me, now I know. The name or names are forever etched in my heart that’s for sure. And indeed I have shot bullet prayers to Heaven asking God to bless them a hundredfold. I believe that as I pray – God repays.


  1. Hi Ellen,
    Beautiful and very insightful post as usual! it seems that all too often we get so wrapped up in life that we don't appreciate the little things and in that mode of not appreciateing we forget to show love to our family, friends, etc.
    We need to appreciate what and WHO God has given us!
    Peace & Love!

  2. Hi there, Regina,

    Love it so much when you're here. Your words of wisdom and encouragement are vitamins to my weary soul. Thanks for being so nice to me. I'm new here in blogspot so don't know a lot of people.. feeling like a blogspot babe wandering in the woods. lols :-) So it's nice to have met you with your warm friendship.

    Always take care.
    Blessings from above for you and your family.

  3. hi ellen, bang on as usual... i like the way u put things acorss, the simple way in whcih u touch my life... may god bless... u r one of those special people god has made.. keep smiling.. and praying! cheers,
    maya from indiatimes blogs

  4. I have an award for you come on by and get it.

  5. Hi Maya,

    I replied to your message in your blogspot page. Thank you for your lovely words of warmth and encouragement. May blessings be yours a hundredfold. :-)

  6. Hi Regina,

    That was lovely indeed! Now you gave me a problem lols... can't figure out what to do. I don't have that many people on the blog yet to pass it on. Fact is, there's only you. :-D The friends I have here are from another site -- good friends from there. We haven't severed the friendship ties despite some of us moving out to somewhere, we try to stay connected someway.

    But this thing that you do... it brings smiles to many faces and hearts. Please carry on because there will be many more hearts you can touch...many many more! May God bless you as you have been a blessing to others.

    Take care, dear friend.
    My prayers go with you always.

  7. hi Ellen!
    hope u r doing great!
    so true... we must take care n treasure n look after the people who r so involved in our lives...
    first of all we need to open our eyes n discover them... express our feelings towards them...
    we must know ourselves inside out... as basically we are all great people with great heart...
    thanks Ellen once again for such inspiring post...
    as always... hats off to YOU YOU & YOU...

  8. Hi Ellen,

    So true ... your mom was absolutely right in what she told you and you have told us all the same thing in such a beautiful way. Thank you for all you have written as whenever I have read your posts it has given me a thing or two to learn or revisit what I had learned some years back in my school days.

    I wish and pray to God that you and your family be blessed with happiness and strength forever.

    Keep smiling :)

  9. Hi there, Amit,

    How you made me smile with that '' :-D In fact, I was laughing. Never had a good laugh for some time now. lols Thanks, pal!

    Take care pls.
    Please be just you.. wherever life takes you, be the good person and friend I know you to be.

    God bless you and your family.

  10. Hi, dear Sumit,

    You have in your own special way given me nuggets of wisdom in your blog. Maybe that's how God works this thing out -- having us be supportive and inspiring to each and the other in this life. That way we get to learn more not only from life but from the people around us too. Don't you think that it's such a beautiful arrangement?

    People are important to me, Sumit. And I know that it is for you too. I care for their thoughts, the feelings in the heart, and their life journeys. Life isn't without this connection with people. I don't care if I don't get to see or listen up close to some of them (like it is on the Internet)... because I know this --- that nobody can deny how genuine sentiments have a way of cutting through that barrier or barriers. That works the same with people near up close or far away unseen.

    Genuine is the key... another of Mom's wisdom. lols Be true and the world will be too... to you.

    Take care, dear friend.
    May blessings abound for you
    and your loved ones.


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