Thursday, January 31, 2008


(Third of short series)

Oh I don't know if that title there is apt for this writing. But there's something in that phrase that attracted my attention. Get a load of this....

A person is like a 8-stringed guitar or maybe more. Each string or chord representing an emotion in the heart. So when one emotion surfaces, it means that a chord or string had been strummed. When the loneliness chord plays, you're found to be lonely. When you're furious, someone plucked on your angry chord. 'Think that's corny? lols I think that's cute.

Right now, the sorrow chord is on an extended run -- I mean 'strum' --for me. I'm not complaining. That's okay; emotions have to run its full course. But I do want to make a tiny request to Somebody up there.... Please strum that happiness string for me too?! Because if this goes on and on I might forget what it's like to be happy again. lol


Inside a passenger jeep this afternoon, I sat opposite two women -- one young in her twenties and the other much older... maybe about forty-ish. Luckily I had my dark shades on camouflage my interest in people watching.

Let's start with the younger one. Pinay features, dark skin, long hair, slim. What struck me about her was her face -- far-away look, eyes looking yet not seeing, mouth set on a weak thin line.. I could sense a burden lurking somewhere there in her brain which dropped down to her face in a veil of anxiety over her eyes. The vivacity of youth appeared to have drained out of her... she looked so old before her time.

The much older woman who sat beside her was something else. Same Pinay features, lines etched on her round face, lips seemingly ready to break into a quick smile, short cropped hair, on the heavy side. But she stood out with her aura of peace and tranquility sitting there watching with interest the scene outside as the jeep went past. She was a sight to see -- content and serene, probably happy too. It's noticeable in the eyes.

The Eyes -- the window of a person's soul. Tells all, bares all.

Oops! gotta go. Be back later.


Hm mm.. will be going on a short trip to Pangasinan next week. A close friend invited me there.. for a stroll down the shore, quiet moments with the sunset, the feel of the sea under your feet, the wisp of sea air on your face... and the goodies galore at the market place. lols Unfortunately, I'm not a market person.. more of a nature person. So the first options there will be on my agenda, that's for sure.
How long ago was it since my last frolic on the beach? That long ago??! Ugh! what a crime! Well, need to go back to my favorite place -- that spot where the sea touch the shore.... where whatever name I write on the sand, the sea wipes away with just one sweep.... where good ole Sol writes her name on the water surface with one golden streak (Ha! this one the sea can't delete).... --- where the sea wraps itself around my soul.

Is somebody strumming my happiness chord?

Back later in the day for more. Ciao for now!

What's one supposed to say when you're asked this question.... 'are you happy?' I'll tell you what, you don't say yes or no. Rather look into that person's eyes and say 'are you?'

I don't equate happiness with externalities.. though we most often do. You see, if you build your happiness on these external causes.. you will soon discover that it's superficiality and won't last you longer than it should or want it to be. Happiness over a new pair of shoes or a stylish dress or an arty accessory --- these skin-deep things come and go fleetingly. And when they do you're back to where you started.... unhappy and discontent.

The happy things which linger longer in the heart at its core are those things which touch your life with genuine meaning cause and purpose. It could be things, events, experiences, or people. Having interacted with any of those and coming out of it fully sated and fulfilled makes for the true and genuine meaning of Happiness.

So when caught in its midst with the same question 'Happy?'
I'd say 'Yes, oh Yes!'. Thank God for that.

Will be back later for more. Bye for a bit!
Got Chef Angelo's pizza waiting for me lols

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