Thursday, January 31, 2008


(Fifth of short series)

That was Eddie Murphy's line in the movie 'Holy Man'. I like that the first time I heard it... never left my mind since. That's my whole point. We are all capable of doing good and when we do... that good is better than all the title - position - recognition - award - reward all put together. That kind of 'better' reaps you all of those besides without even trying. The reason why it's called 'blessed'.

This good is the one that improves lives, gives hope to the hopeless, strengthens those whose own strength is failing, makes a person see the rainbow when he thinks none exists, helps someone get back on the road to enlightenment and recovery, props up a person who's down on his knees in misery with his heavy burden, brings a song to the sadness in a grieving heart, and puts a smile on the face of one who forgot how it is to smile again. And you know what, that too is included in the blueprint of our lives.

God does not hold back blessings from a person who is generous with doing good. Fact is, out of delight and pleasure He will open the gates of heaven and rain down all that is good and worthy specially for that person. Oh yes, nobody can out-give God. He knows how best to give and to whom.

To reap heavenly blessings.... be a blessing.
It's as simple as that. Nothing grand nor fancy, just plain simple GOODNESS.

... and right where it should come from --- the heart! You see, that's where God looks first.

Ooops, going off for dinner.
Back later.


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