Thursday, July 7, 2011


Doesn't that picture there tell you something? A still pool of water on one side and the unease of rolling waves on the other side. Aside from being so breathtakingly beautiful, does it not remind you of life?

Calm and turbulence sitting side by side in the same frame. That's just about what life is about. I won't get into the turbulent aspect of life and living because we know that. And neither would I say anything about the calm and serenity of a life stable and balanced. We know that too.

But I do have a question for you.......

Which of the two sides do you have your gaze on?? The turbulence ...or... the calm? Life as you live it everyday will nudge you in many ways to the answer and that answer will reveal just how you are coping with life. Anxiety or calm.... the presence of faith -- or the absence of it.

Remember to bring your umbrellas; looking like rain later today. God bless.

(Much thanks to a good friend who sent me this wonderful picture.)


  1. I dont think it is a choice. Life just comes at you, and sometimes its calm sometimes it is a storm and you just have to deal with it. Sigh.

  2. hmmmm tho em afraid of i have water phobia..I cant manage to see sea water for long.....but the sight in this pic is amazing...I liked to see water here..its kindda soothing..beautiful post Ellen:)

  3. Hi Raajii,

    I agree with you life is so unpredictable. Yet we still have the power to choose how we are going to react or respond to it. There are two choices --- to respond negatively and let the bad times bring us down with depression, anxiety, frustration, disappointment, fear, worry ... or ... to look at life with the positive attitude of courage, strength, hope, faith, humor, flexibility, adaptability. Those things require our choice or decision. The question therefore is 'which one is it going to be?'

    Enjoy your day - a blessed one. God bless you.

  4. Hi Mishi,

    Maybe you are on your way to losing your phobia as the picture gave you that wonderful soothing experience now. Isn't that wonderful?! :-)

    Hope you're having a pleasant day. Blessings are put there especially for you. God bless!


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