Thursday, July 28, 2011


"Pass it on! Kindness is like a snowball that's rolling down a hill. Each unselfish act or word is another snowflake that greets others... creating something much larger in the process. Whether it's a big deed or a little one, just do! Each day find the opportunities to do something kind that will make a difference in the world around you." ------ Mac Anderson

I'm looking for kindness everywhere I go. And it's not the big acts of goodness that I'm searching for. It's the little ones that oftentimes go unnoticed. It's because these little gems tell more about a person than the big flashing ones do.

Now you ask me.. why this interest or unusual pursuit? I'm going to write about them. It needs to be put out there for the world to see.... both the giver and the act.

I'm sick and tired of the kind of news that's making the headlines on TV, the radio, or the daily papers. They make it seem that we have a dearth of good people around us. That good does not matter. That this is such an evil society with people killing each other for the silliest of reasons.. and smart people are smart with bad motives.. the exploitation of the deprived and underprivileged... that bad are packaged to look good and good made to look bad that you can't tell one from the other anymore.

To this my best friend quips --- 'That's our world today. Can you imagine what it will be like tomorrow?"

Okay, that's quite a ton of pessimism she's heaped on me. But, my dear friend, this is a big wide world and gazillions of people inhabiting it. Different people of varying education, upbringing, orientation, culture, religion, breeding, character, and other things more which make them quite different from one another. That's a lot of bad people to contend with, you know, if you would consider them all bad. You might want to say -- "Stop the world -- and let me OUT!!"

Anyway, I'm putting one tiny word on today's agenda ---- KINDNESS. It's a small big word. Often taken for granted, ignored both in high and low places, many times dealt with in utter suspicion, and sadly not given its space to shine.

Kindness is out there and it needs to be recognized. And don't think that it always has to be a huge grand show of generosity or goodness. Not always. Usually it's just like this teeny-weeny buds of a wild plant which blossoms and beautifies the meadows and plains... just as the bigger gorgeous flowers do. And by the way, while we're at it.... kindness begins with you and me and so with many others more. And we need to pass it on. Now! Help me tell my friend that she is wrong. Because she is wrong because I believe this still is a beautiful world!


  1. Ellen you have just won a set of awards..please do visit my recent post,,n congrats;-)

  2. So sweet of you, Mishi! :-) Feel so pleased and honored by it. Thank you. Please know that it is so appreciated. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  3. Ellen,

    Being kind and courteous shows mettle of a person.

    Take care

  4. "Being kind and courteous shows mettle of a person." --- That's a tall order for some people I know. :-) I'd sure like them to meet you, Jack. Nothing but a good mentor to take one back on track again.


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