Wednesday, July 13, 2011


What's on your mind? That's a question I often hear. Not that the person really cared. But it drives me crazy whenever it's asked of me. Well, sometimes it's because I don't really want to tell. But that question does serve a purpose by making us think. Though occasionally some among us would say that people tend to 'overthink' or 'underthink'. Oh I don't mind that, it's their opinion. Different folks, different strokes. But with my two-cents worth.. I think that's better than a 'no think' person. :-)

Minds are made for thinking, whether in mediocrity or brilliance it does not matter, for each has its use which God may know of. Now then that pricks my mind to nudge brain cells to some bit of action this morning. :-)

A good old cousin once told me that -- '..we can never have what we want and what we need at the same time...' Impossible, he insisted. Fine! Maybe he is right... and yet again maybe not.

You see, there was this one afternoon in that wonderful family vacation in Boracay a year ago and which I remember so well ... I was sitting on the beach looking out to the cool blue waters. Just enjoying the moment mindless of the people around me. Pretty soon the sunset in taking its leave made a wonderful show of it floating away down the horizon. In farewell it painted the skies in glorious scarlet and yellow ... filling my senses to overdrive. Gorgeous, simply magnificent. What can you say!! It just leaves you speechless.

But it certainly made me think. It was just what I needed to ease my weary soul... and it did a wonderful job of it. Moreover, it was just what I wanted --- a gorgeous sunset. I love sunsets!! Give me one anywhere and you'll have my full attention.

So to you, dear cousin, I believe that we can have what we want and what we need at the same time..... with the heart. A silent wish which God saw fit to grant.

Have a good day, people. May that silent wish in your heart come true.


  1. aww Ellen that was plain beautiful! I loved it...and I Like sunsets too:-)

  2. yeah even at times I hate that...
    when dont want to let others know... whats on my mind... an icecream or a popcorn :D

  3. Hi Mishi! Great to see you. Yeah, ain't sunsets simply wonderful?! By the way, I like cruising down your blog or should I say 'diary' Lols! Interesting in a lighthearted way. :-) Will be visiting you again. Take care and God bless you.

  4. Oh I know what you mean, Chakoli. hahaha .... By the way, I'll take both... ice cream and popcorn! :-) Hope you're having a great day. Wishing you all the very best in life. God bless you.

  5. haha yeh sure..I will be waiting :-)

  6. Hey Mishi, maybe we can add a pizza and some apple pie to the feast?!! :-) When foodies meet!

  7. Ellen,

    First of all mind never rests. Even when we sleep it continues to wander and that is what we see in dreams. I agree with you that it is not impossible to have what you want and what you need at the same time. It may be difficult but not impossible. God knows best how to answer our silent prayers.

    Take care

  8. Ahhh, my good friend Jack, we seem to be looking at the same positivities. 'Difficult but not impossible'... yes, when God agrees to the silent wish in the heart.

    Take care too. :-)


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