Friday, July 1, 2011


Allow me to quote this.....

"The fear of being wrong, different, or socially unaccepted or unpopular is one of the biggest inhibitors to one's creative juices. When a person can do things without worrying what people will think of him, then a person can use their creativity with no limits, and take their work to places they probably would never of imagined going. One of the biggest rules to being creative is to first disregard everyone's opinion. The creativity you have is what makes your work your own, and changing it to fit into someone else's mold would defeat the purpose of it all." - (Author Unknown)

We each have our unique individual talent but it's not given us for keeping or for our sole consumption. Although in its initial stages of discovery and growth we become fascinated and delighted and proud of it.... very pleased to have its ownership. But we must learn to stop when pride takes over lest we ourselves cause our own destruction. But let's leave that for another post.

Creativity is a gift given us to serve as tool to bring forth and grow talent. Its purpose is to nourish - nurture - develop talent. Its strength is powered by courage and fearlessness... unafraid to face its own potential and possibilities for great and greater work. Unafraid of small minds who by their numbers can whittle you down to pieces... or by big minds who by their snobbery can clip your wings and keep you from soaring high and wide.

Do not let these deter you from being the person you were specially made for --- you are God's masterpiece who in turn will create other masterpieces within your realm of creativity. Create with your mind, with your heart, with your hands, with your fullest potential.,,, and turn ordinary things into extraordinary beauty or meaning. Transform an ugly world into a world of great wonder and promise... one after God's heart.

It's never too late. Creativity is not subject to age or aging. It's never lost. It's right there inside you just waiting to be roused and commanded to do its work. So what are you waiting for? The world is waiting.

It's a rainy Friday today but I hope it does not stop you from planning a wonderful weekend with your family, rain or shine. God bless!


  1. we have a rainy fridday too..well superb read!!!I loved it:-)
    yes you have to take the risk ..and once you take will know it was worth it! creativity is something hidden inside you..everybody does have some talent..its all about exploring it in a right way...

  2. This is lovely, Mishi ..."creativity is something hidden inside you..everybody does have some talent..its all about exploring it in a right way..."

    Thanks for dropping by. Hope you're having a wonderful day. God bless you and your family.

  3. i completely agree with the quotation. stifling creativity is a sin according to me. Life has to have more than a single track. I know so many people who have let go of their creative streak, calling it a waste of time when the vagaries of professional life take over. I was one of them, when i had just graduated, pursuing professional life. Blogging gave me a platform to pursue my creative side and one thing led to another and now im finally doing what i love at the same time chasing my creative pursuits (except maybe travelling for longer durations:P)
    But at the same time i feel one should be sporting with the feedback (good as well as bad) and take the contructive criticism to improve and not pay much attention to those who are intent on trashing your creative pursuits.
    take care

  4. As the cliche goes... you have 'been there - done that'. :-) and have grown wiser from it. Now look at you.. wow your photographs simply are amazing. You have an eye for beauty and meaning. Keep on doing what you do best... and the world will appreciate you for it. God bless you, TD.

  5. Ahhh thats so lovely quote to start off the week :D

  6. Yeah it is, isn't it? I loved it too, Chakoli. Heyy thanks for coming by today. Take care okay? God bless you and your family.


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